Solving Problems

Finding solutions, aimed at project satisfaction and understand the meaning of teamwork, deadlines quality. 

Would your rate the team as competent in the project management ability?

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In order to achieve the best out of each individual in each group an assessment has to be done on each person within the group. Interpersonal and communication skills could possibly lead to miscommunication and for the project it could mean failure. Each individual contribution has to be evaluated and assessed throughout the course.  There are several online tests and assignment to be conducted to establish the understanding and the competency levels of individuals regarding their performance on contribution towards the team.  The results of these tests will indicate which skills needs to be more developed and which training methods could be implemented for future tasks. Continuous evaluation and ongoing workplace assessments gives clear guidance in terms of training needs analysis per individual and subsequently optimizing productivity. The evaluations and feedbacks are being conducted by the supervisors who has to be motivated and skilled to create a healthy working environment.  Brian storming through problems experienced during the project gives understanding and more clear analysis of solutions and how to prevent these mistakes in future projects.  For possible solutions handle one problem at a time and don’t reject any ideas at that point in time. Quick problem solving thinking ability for moving forward and look for advantages and disadvantages for alternative solutions.  Look for the most realistic way of solving and ask if you have the skill, time and risk.  Implement in order for each member to identify their role in solving the problem. Verify if the problem has been solved.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Can Improve

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Individual team members to work independently and be productive

Does team members need supervision?

  • Yes - from time to time
  • No
  • Occasionally
  • Constant communication through the entire project

Meeting project deadlines

Does the team achieve deadlines in the time frame?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Only when supervised

Members being able to communicate more effectively with all stakeholders

Was this achieved as planned?

  • No
  • Yes
  • Need refresher on communication

Team members to work collectively in order to achieve objective

Is team work a priority amongst members?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not as desired