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This is a sample course intended to display some of the features available in FranchiZeTrainer. Let's pretend it is a mandatory course and must be completed with a pass mark before the opening of the store.



Food Handling

Food Handling

Welcome to the ’Food handling’ lesson, where you will learn about the correct procedures for handling food at Java Coffee.  There are 3 topics in the lesson and you must complete and pass all three lessons before you continue.

While the other lessons in this course deal with the concepts of food contamination and personal hygiene, this topic outlines the rules to be followed while actually handling food.

Using Gloves To Handle Food

So, you may be one of those individuals who always use gloves when handling food. That’s great, however, did you know that if used incorrectly, gloves can contaminate food as easily as your bare hands?

Here's a video:

It is extremely important to change your gloves frequently, especially in the following situations:

  • between handling ready-to-eat and raw food
  • if the gloves tear
  • between different tasks
  • after taking the rubbish out
  • after sweeping, mopping and cleaning
  • after taking money or providing change to a customer.

Food Handling Quiz

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Cleaning and Sanitising