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Information sources and market research in digital media

1.- Market research

How can market research help you?

  • Providing concrete data
  • Increasing The Force
  • Making commercial activities happen
  • Making decisions for you

2.- Classification of the research sources and stages

Classification of research sources

  • Primary information
    Data collected specifically for the current research
  • Quantitative method
    An online poll about the elections
  • External source
    A research published by the Interactive Advertising Bureau
  • Qualitative method
    A focus group

What are the steps in the process of market research?

  • Objectives
  • Research design
  • Information gathering
  • Information process
  • Analysis

3.- Information over Internet

Where would you place Visible Web, Dark Web and Deep Weeb in the following image?

Drag and drop each concept in its right spot
  • Visible Web
  • Deep Web
  • Dark Web

4.- Market research tools in digital environments

Do you know the following tools?

  • Google Trends
    provides the most frequent searches related to a term
  • Think with Google
    is a space where you can find market research, infographics, tools, creativities, trends and case studies.
  • Similar Web
    is an online competitive intelligence tool that provides traffic and marketing insights for a website or mobile app
  • Google Scholar
    allow us to seek specialized bibliography in the world of academic research from a single site

5.- Tools to discover the online reputation

Which one of this tools is NOT used to get feedback