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Fort Hills - Learning and Development

General Overview

At Tulys, we offer ground-breaking solutions that allow our customers to:

  • predict their needs with astonishing accuracy
  • automate their manufacturing processes with our SMART systems approach
  • ensure just the right level of human intervention at just the right time
  • improve the effectiveness of their business decisions


Our mission

Continually improve business processes through our commitment to people and systems, while striking a balance between automation and flexible planning.

Our vision

Transform business practices and operations through our SMART automation systems.


Our core values

  • Transparency 
  • Trust
  • Truth
  • Teamwork
  • Tenacity


Our Team

Kirk McClain

Manager Learning & Development Fort Hills

Currently on a 5/2 working out of Calgary

Dermot Mullen

Supervisor Safety Learning & Onboarding

Currently on a 4/3 Rotation working at Fort Hills


  • Daniel Oxton
  • Dellie Robichaud
  • Dian Douma
  • Kayla Phillips 
  • Maeghan McWhirter 
  • Miranda Coles
  • Jocelyn Klien
  • Chantel Marion

Bill Virus

Supervisor Learning Fixed Plants

Currently on a 4/3 Rotation working at Fort Hills


  • Thomas Bonner
  • Shane Brooks
  • Todd Denoncourt 
  • Shawn Paul

Jason Bryant

Supervisor Learning Mobile Equipment

Currently on 7/7 Rotation at Site - A Shift


  • Lloyd Janes
  • Bill White

Tom Steinke 

Supervisor Learning Mobile Equipment

Currently on 7/7 Rotation at Site - B Shift


  • Dwayne Caines
  • Roger Kolberg

Patrick Seguin

Supervisor Learning Maintenance

Currently on 7/7 Rotation at Site - A Shift


  • Scott Chuchmuch
  • Karen Colbourne
  • Chris Fiedler
  • Lloyd Johnson
  • Doug Woroschuk

New Guy at Terra Nova

Supervisor Learning Terra Nova

Currently on ...


Carla Sweeney 

Cheryl Williams

Dellie Robichaud

Training Admin - Mine Driving

Currently on a 7/7 at site - B shift

Cross shift - Diana Douma

Diana Douma

Training Admin - Mine Driving 

Currently on a 7/7 at site - A shift

Cross shift - Dellie Robichaud

Who we support

Element 7

How we teach

Tulys is a market leader in manufacturing processes and systems automation. With a strong foundation in research and development, we have evolved rapidly but responsibly, exploring new business areas as we go, and establishing ourselves in key markets.

Use your mouse to explore the map below: find more about our locations around the world, and what each one specialises in.

Road Map to Success

What you need to know

Training on LMS

Finding a mentor

Learning Coordinator Accountabilities

Coordinating Training

David Senior (Founder)

When David and Narsi teamed up, they decided they would have, not an open-door policy, but a NO-DOOR policy. David says that communication's a two-way street. "Got any concerns? Stop by! Ideas for improving any aspect of the business? Stop by! Just want to shoot the breeze? You guessed it: STOP BY!" 

Narsi Jamshidi (Co-Founder)

Narsi, founder and CEO of KKD Trust, shares David's love of openness and transparency—so the merger was a perfect fit! Narsi's also got a big thing for corporate social responsibility: "You might say CSR's my middle name. For Tulys, CSR's not just an option—it's the way to do business."

Geoff Good (Chief Financial Officer)

Geoff's the one who follows the money for Tulys. He confesses to running a tight ship, but as he like to say: "It's not about the money, money—it's all about the people." That's why everyone loves him!

Martina Eynon (Head of Human Resources)

Martina's actual job title is "Head People Person": Her specialty? "I just love putting myself in other people's shoes. It's something I'd recommend to anyone." You might say that, when it comes to empathy others, she walks the talk!

John Grey (Chief Technology Officer)

John is behind the technology that's behind Tulys's ground-breaking process-automation software. He may look like he has recently quit a boy band, but as he says himself, appearances can be deceptive: "Warm and fuzzy outside—nerdy as they come inside." Oh, and did we mention? He's also passionate about leveraging technology to make people's lives easier. 

Kanika Sharma (Chief of Design)

Kanika owns the design of the entire product suite. She manages no fewer than 12 design teams. Count them—12! And still she finds time to roll up her sleeves and get stuck into UXD prototyping-slash-brainstorming sessions with her teams in the sprawling design space. "It's like Brecht said: I love production, because you never know what's going to come out in the end." Well we know: whizz-bang next-gen products!

Consulting and Collaboration

Curious about our how we do business, and the standards and best practices we apply? Interested in new projects and initiatives? Want to know what happens during annual meetings? Don't be shy! Every manager, starting with David and Narsi, has a NO-DOOR policy, so shoot!

Instructing Courses

Our client list (actually, a tiny sampling)

These are just a few of our clients. The full list reads like the Who's Who of Process Automation. And still, we're growing—because what counts for us is not just getting the client, but growing the relationship with them. That's our secret sauce, and the reason our clients stick with us. 

Training Records

Ron Shade

Trainer, software engineer

Ron is a super-talented software professional who never goes less than the extra mile to get the job done—whether on his own projects or for something one of his mentees is working on. We quickly spotted Ron's keen eye for leveraging technology for social good, we recently asked him to head up a school-to-work transition project in a school we've adopted as part of our Adopt-a-School Program—so in addition to his mentoring at Tulys, he also helps younger mentees get on the right track, whatever that turns out to be. He's been doing so well that we've suggested he work remotely two days a week. That way, he can strike a balance between his on-site work and the transition project. 

It takes a village—and we're committed to doing our part to help the village, and all the children in it, thrive. That's the Tulys way—and we offer our people every opportunity to help us follow it.

Fiona Reed

Poet, architect and technology geek

Fiona brings a rare combination of intellectual prowess and a real feel for the business. She's one of those rare gems who knows how to wave a magic wand to press a faulty bit of hardware back into service. Tulys knew it was onto something when it recruited her directly from University College Cork in Ireland—before the ink on her first master's degree was dry. First? That's right. "Tulys has sponsored my second master's—this time in artificial intelligence. I suggested developing a new machine-learning algorithm to predict customer segments and preferences—and they said yes! Exciting times ahead, with the first release just around the corner!"

We strongly believe in capitalizing on academic research—especially when our people come to us with cutting-edge ideas.

Crescentia Kalpi 

Writer, dreamer, runner, designer, activist

Kalpi has been with Tulys for the last 10 years, and has grown exponentially: having started out as a technical writer, she's now our resident Best Practices Evangelist and Product Design Guru. Thanks to our cross-functional employee-transfer program, Kalpi has had—and taken—a number of opportunities to upskill herself, delving along the way into a wide range of portfolios, making remarkable contributions in CRM, and helping incubate whole new product lines. And as if all that weren't enough, Kalpi also runs Tulys's Women in Technology Program, which is all about empowering women through the reach of technology, both inside and outside Tulys. A keen marathoner, she recently finished the Honolulu Marathon with a PB of 3:20. "I'm all about pushing back boundaries—whether that's my PB, or barriers to women's having the place we deserve at the table."

We take pride in promoting our employees' strengths, on both the personal and professional fronts.

Develop and Modify Training Materials

We undertook several social initiatives and sponsored employees who were interested in either initiating, or taking part in, them. We are keen to nurture talent—both among our people and more broadly. These initiatives have helped bring about real change in a number of areas: 

- vocational education for schools

- programming skills for women

- basic education for underprivileged children in each of the markets we have a presence in

- apprenticeships designed to help those who've been struggling to finish their studies get back on track

The article above, from Rush magazine, is about Tulys's contributions to vocational education.

LMS Administration Introduction


Vacation time and vacation pay  

Vacation will accumulate on the basis of 1.25 days per month to a maximum of fifteen (15) days per calendar year, and will be paid on the basis of six percent (6%) of wages earned in the previous twelve- (12-) month period during which vacation time is earned.  After completion of seven (7) years of service, employees shall be entitled to twenty (20) days per calendar year and will be paid on the basis of eight (8%) percent. After completion of fourteen (14) years of service, employees shall be entitled to twenty-five (25) days per calendar year and will be paid on the basis of ten (10%) percent. These figures will be pro-rated for part-time staff.  This type of leave should be taken in ½ day increments.As vacation is designed to give employees a chance to rest and rejuvenate, therefore taking vacation is encouraged by the employer.  For this reason, employees may only carry five (5) days from one year to the next.  These days should be used during the first 90 days of the new year.

Sick leave 

Employees will be entitled to twelve (12) days of sick leave per calendar year accumulated on the basis of 1 day per month. A maximum of twelve (12) days of sick leave may be carried forward to the next calendar year so that an employee shall have no more than twenty (24) sick days in any one calendar year. Any additional sick leave accumulated will be forfeit.  Moreover, regardless of the amount of sick leave accumulated, sick leave will not be paid out upon resignation, retirement, or termination of employment for any reason. Furthermore, since Sick Leave has no cash value, employees may not use more than they have accumulated, without the express written permission of the Executive Director.  Employees working less than full time will have their rate of accumulation adjusted accordingly.Sick leave can be used for personal illness, personal medical appointments, and visits to specialists.The Employer reserves the right to request information with respect to limitations, restrictions, prognosis in such manner as it deems necessary in the circumstances with respect to any request for paid or unpaid sick leave.  The employer also reserves the right to request a doctor’s note for absences of three (3) days or longer.

Compassionate leave

Tulys will grant up to three (3) working days per event on the occasion of a death in the staff member’s immediate family.  Immediate family is defined as: parent(s), step parent(s), foster parent(s), sibling(s), grandparent(s), spouse (including common law a/o same-sex partner), step child(ren) or ward of the staff member, father-in-law or mother-in-law (including parents of a same-sex partner).  Additional compassionate leave may be granted at the discretion of the Head of Human Resources for reasons not covered elsewhere in Tulys's Human Resources Policy. You are invited to discuss such issues with your manager or the Head of Human Resources, and to follow up if needed with a written submission.


How to log hours every week

We use Jira got time-tracking. This short video will tell you all you need to know to get going.

How to apply for leave

This brief explainer will tell you how to apply for leave—and how to log any unplanned absences once you're back in the office. 

How to claim travel expenses

This practical how-to will tell you everything you need to know to claim back all allowable expenses—and offers a few tip on what's allowable and what's not.

How to file a complaint

If someone or something annoys you, let us know! Rest assured, we will address it, even as we undertake to respect your privacy as appropriate. 

How to request training?

Our Learning and Development teams are highly adaptable and accommodating. Here's the procedure to request them for a specific training.


Where to find what—and whom

As a new employee, you want to be able to find your way round, so you can find the places you need to go and the people you need to see. 

We're here to help. And that's why we've built this interactive map. 

Using it is a breeze. Just hover your mouse over the location you want to get to, and the map will point you in the right direction.


Microsoft Outlook - Our way to connect to each other


Ready for the ride?

As much as we love autonomy, we also believe in setting some standards for our new employees to adhere to. This roadmap plots out a few milestones we'd like you to reach on your way to becoming a tried-and-true Tulyan.


Prioritize the following goals in your first year at Tulys. [THIS LOOKS AS THOUGH IT'S NOT FINISHED]

You will be asked to complete a number of tasks on your way to meeting your goals for the year.

  • Meet your buddy
  • Understand the team products, projects and clients
  • Make a team presentation
  • Represent Tulys at a conference


Your team's key accounts

Your team specialises in strategizing around the Agile marketing solutions for clients in the food-manufacturing sector. Here are few of our major clients:

Just Co, Sunnyvale, California, USA

We have been helping Just co streamline their print and digital-marketing operations. We've used e-mail campaigns and analytics to support the initiative. 

PoC: Josh Smith and Rina Ray 

Baller, Mexico City, Mexico

Baller is an important client. We market their customer-relationship management software package, with great results. But we've also leveraged Angular JS to build the UI for the package and have set up several microsites to boot!

PoC: Geoff Good

Learning Coordinator - Misc Duties

Spending - Credit Card Use

Vehicle Usage

SAP - Enter Time

SAP - Time Off

Travelling off site

Resources -

Client Support Center


Stationary supplies



Employee Deals



The future is bright

Now that you have a basic understanding of your role within Learning & Development its time to start building your Coordinator Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes. The next group of pages will have links and guidance towards developing these specific and critical skills. Good Luck



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