Yammer Quiz - July 2017

How much have you learned from Yammer?

This quiz will help you to retain the updates for the month of July 2017.

Try not to use Woogle or Yammer if you can!

This months quiz is made up of 10 quizzes and you need to free type your answers in the relevant field. There are no multiple choice questions in this quiz!

Please complete this quiz by Friday  4th August 2017. 

Please note that at the end of the quiz, it will state you have all the answers correct. This is not the case due to setting restrictions. I will contact you all with the answers and scores individually.

If you have any questions before you start, please let me know.


Test your Yammer update knowledge!

1. How much is the fee for a joint rental property?

2. What does GREEN mean in regards to the HOLD payments button?

3. Name a form that the customer can download on the WooHoo Website.

4. Name the 3 new statuses that were created in July.

5. What are the FAM fees as of 25th July 2017?

6. If a customer provides you with travel dates, what is  a recommended Woogle page that you could use?

7. Can you set up a payment plan for IRD debt before the due date?

8. A customer needs a PTS invoice to be sent. What do you need to do so that an invoice is issued?

9. What type of customers belong on the  IR3 to File status? (Once you have all the relevant information of course!)

10. If a customer has MMI and was under 18 for the year in question, is this ok to accept without discussing further with the customer?