managing projects

Aims to capacitate learners in designing online  project plan

List the steps of designing on line project plan( 250 written content)

Steps of project plan

Project Management steps

1.            Getting project underway

Project managers have to put effort in ensuring that they help their clients articulate the project requirements. As project manager & project planners define work breakdown structure, identify high level deliverable and right skillset to work on those deliverable is equally important. Based on these identified skillset, project manager has to select resources and assigned work.

2.         Planning quality      

In planning the quality, there should be team selected for a complete work breakdown. Project managers and project planners will define work break down structure and identify levels of deliverables, identify right skills set to work on deliverables.

3.         Planning time

The project will be articulated on a specific timeframes to reach the deadline and project milestone

4.         Planning the Cost

In every project involved there should costing and budgeting. Accountability and responsibility should be highly esteemed in order to get successful deliverables.

5.         Empowering team members

As team members start working, project managers can play a role of empowering, so that there is a supportive and positive environments for project team

6            Controlling work in progress

            In order to harness control, control mechanism should be put in place.

7          Follow-up and re-plan

Feedback is required through scheduling pre-planned meeting to get a formal agreement and identify positives, negatives and best way to move forward.

8          Conclusion

When you deliver project objectives, you need to make sure that they benefit the customers. You need to see that project deliverables are working for customer, you address any issues and gaps.

Which is the first step in project management

  • Evaluation
  • Getting the project underway
  • Planning time
  • Planning cost

Which is not a step of project management

  • Going to movies to watch project management scenario
  • Planning cost
  • planing time
  • Evaluation