Technology in the Classroom

Educators will be able to create a digital means of communication for students using Google Classroom and Google apps.

The Basics of Google Classroom

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How to Create Self-Grading Quizzes in Google Forms

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Creating a self grading quiz


Creating your quiz concept check

  • Require Plano ISD login to view this form
    Ensures that only people with the correct credentials have access to the quiz
  • Automatically collect respondents PISD username
    Ensures that you have the person who took the quiz on record.
  • Only allow one response per person
    Ensures that everyone has only taken the quiz once
  • Shuffle question order
    Ensures that students are not looking at the same quiz

Creating a Test Key


You can take the quiz yourself by clicking on ___________

  • view live form
  • responses
  • tools
  • view responses

Exporting to Google Classroom


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Flubaroo will allow you to student's assessments.

Looking at the Data