Intro to H101

Welcome to Hiring With a Purposes 101! This quick introduction will prepare you for the in-person training. Please take your time through each section. Happy learning!

First, let's learn about the cost of turnover. Test your knowledge with the questions below.

After loosing a team member, studies show that employers will spend the equivalent of ____ months of the original salary to recruit, replace and train.

  • 3-5 months
  • 1 year
  • 6-9 months
  • 1-3 months

Match the Terms Below.

  • The steps required in order to bring a new team member up to speed of the company and their role.
    Training and Onboarding
  • The costs associated with the actual experience of a new potential team member. For example flights or hotel stay.
    Interview Expenses
  • The impact that a departing team member will leave on those surrounding them. Examples are overworked from departure or higher levels of stress.
    Decreased Engagement
  • Overall business impact that can happen from a departing team member and the time taken to replace appropriately.
    Decreased Productivity / Results

True or False

  • When our team members are engaged, they work harder and take pride in their achievements.
  • Bottom line, bad turnover is good for business.

Applying To You.

How is it helpful for you, as a manager, to know the statistics regarding turnover and the cost implications to our company?