TRH Mini-Orientation

Welcome to the Two Roads Hospitality Asia family!   We're delighted to have you on board.

As a new team member, we know you have many questions to ask, and your orientation program is designed to help you find the answers you're seeking.  By the time you complete this short course - which is the first part of your orientation program  -you'll be familiar with the Two Roads company, our brands and also our values.


About Two Roads Hospitality

About Two Roads Hospitality


Founded in 2016, Two Roads Hotels is an international lifestyle hotel company that manages and operates the Alila Hotels and Resorts, Destination Hotels, Joie de Vivre Hotels, Thompson Hotels, and tommie Hotels brands - a collection of truly individual hotels and resorts for the independent traveler. 

At Two Roads, we create extraordinary experiences for those unafraid to break from the masses...and seek the road less traveled. We believe you should live the life you imagine. We ensure your life's journeys are as extraordinary and individual as you.

Two Roads. Stay who you want to be.

Our Hotel and Resort Brands

We’ve worked hard to create an all-star collection of hotel and resort brands, and we’re proud of their coverage in the world’s most-read hotel, travel, lifestyle publications and blogs.  We're equally proud of the many awards and accolades our properties and people receive! 

Read on to learn about our brands.

Alila Hotels and Resorts

Alila takes its name from the Sanskrit for ‘surprise’ to create breathtaking, eco-friendly and “surprisingly different” destinations spanning South Asia to the Middle East and integrating the natural, physical and cultural elements of their environments.

The hallmark of Alila luxury hotels and resorts is our combination of innovative design in magnificent settings, set apart by an unprecedented level of private space, personalised hospitality and commitment to sustainability.

Destination Hotels

True to our place, and diverse by design – Destination Hotels offers a gateway to new experiences and genuine service, in matchless destinations.

With a collection of luxury and upscale independent hotels, resorts and vacation residences, Destination is committed to creating truly immersive experiences, which celebrate the best of each location in a warm and inviting way, inspiring our guests to come back and explore more time and time again.

Joie de Vivre

An originator of character and imagination in boutique hospitality, Joie de Vivre has helped define an industry and today comprises the largest collection of boutique properties in California, with locations across America.

From surf and countryside properties to storied city hotels, we celebrate the “joy of life” with a sense of discovery, playfulness and personality of place, infused with bold design and vibrant colours.

Thompson Hotels

Earning a voice in some of the most exciting local scenes is Thompson’s passion and purpose, with a design-forward collection of boutique lifestyle hotels and resorts for those who do not think small.

At Thompson you’re a resident, rather than a traveler. And because each property is absolutely a product of its environment, we contribute to our communities and count our neighbours among our guests by creating essential local destinations, from living room style lobbies to chef-driven restaurants and exceptional rooftop bars.


To the youthful and open-minded, tommie is a lifestyle micro hotel brand designed to unleash the potential of every interaction, every moment, and every square foot.

tommie hotels are set to become the blueprint for the next evolution of hotels in gateway cities. Combining form and function, the experience is atypical, but intuitive—and a new way to look at hotel living.

Chicago Athletic Association

Chicago Athletic Association Hotel, a celebrated 1890s athletic club, is reborn as a bustling hotel playground. This Michigan Avenue hotel features commanding views across Millennium Park to Lake Michigan, as well as Chicago’s finest restaurant and nightlife talents.

More than a restoration, it’s a revelation of historic architectural detail, from the grand marble staircases to the incomparable Cindy’s rooftop terrace, restaurant and bar—the jewel in this Chicago landmark’s crown.

The Two Roads Timeline

Two Roads Hospitality grew from the 2016 merger of Destination Hotels and Commune Hotels + Resorts, creating an unrivaled collection of unique properties, passionate people and remarkable experiences for our guests across the globe.

Properties across the world

From USA to Asia and through to the Middle East you'll find our hotels and resorts.  Wherever global travelers roam with their diverse interests—eco-luxury, adventure, cultural discovery, community interaction—we’ll be there to welcome them.

Use your mouse to explore the map below to find out the locations of our properties across the globe

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are our ‘true north’ – they act like a compass to help ensure that we're all moving in the same direction and working towards the same goals.

Our values guide the way we do business and how we create unique and transformative experiences for our guests and for our stakeholders - our Team Members, our Owners, our Local Community, our Business Partners and others.

We hope our Core Values inspire you to do your best each and every day – to enjoy your work, live a full and happy and encourage you fulfil your own goals.

Serve From Your Heart

1. Serve from your Heart

Providing sincere service is at the very heart of what we do each day.

We listen closely and act compassionately to create meaningful, memorable experiences.

We know our heartfelt approach makes us different, and we also know it’s what makes a difference to our guests, colleagues and the world.

To serve from your heart is to provide sincere service.  

This means paying attention and listening closely when guests or colleagues talk to you so that you understand what they need or want.   It also means being thoughtful and caring in both words and actions as we respond to others.

How can you demonstrate service from your heart?

Every little action is meaningful for someone.  It can be as simple as a personal handwritten note for a guest, a hot coffee for a friend who’s running late, or asking, “What can I do to help?” 

Taking opportunities to MAKE SOMEONE’S DAY makes your actions sincere and from the heart.

From the examples below, choose all that demonstrate service from the heart

  • You observe a new team member who seems to be having difficulty answering a guest's questions about the local area. You make a mental note to yourself to chat to the new team member later and give them some tips.
  • You open the door for another person and with a smile and a friendly word or gesture, invite them to enter the room ahead of you.
  • You notice someone with an empty bottle who appears to be looking for a trash bin. You approach the person and offer to take care of their trash.
  • You smile at a guest who has arrived at the restaurant entrance and continue folding napkins which need to be prepared for lunch service.

Be You

2. Be You

We’re all individuals with unique traits and perspectives.  In our everyday work we're fortunate to be able to meet and get to know people from all over the world.

We want you to BE YOU!  Be authentic and genuine with guests and also with your colleagues.  

We’re a company with one-of-a-kind team members.

We celebrate every unique individual.

The different backgrounds we bring help us to build genuine connections and encourage others to stay who they want to be.

Deliver Greatness

3. Deliver Greatness

We don’t want to be good, we want to be GREAT!

We challenge ourselves and support each other in our quest to become the best.

 We provide extraordinary service that can’t be replicated, we own our mistakes so that they’re not repeated and we continually reach for even better results.

What did Michael Jordan do to become such a great player ?

What does it take to be GREAT!

We can all get a little bit better each and every day.  We can all learn and we can all improve. It’s about encouraging one another and creating an atmosphere of support, care and fun.  It’s about consciously striving to be better tomorrow than you were today.

These behaviours will help you to move from good to GREAT!

  • I keep an open-mind. I listen and respect others opinions. I'm always looking to learn something new at work and outside of work too.
  • I take pride in the fact that I already know everything I need to know. I don't need to learn anything else.
  • I own and admit my mistakes when they happen. I don't hesitate to apologise and take action quickly to rectify the situation and learn from my experiences.
  • When I see a colleague make a mistake I'm sure to let him know immediately. I'll even correct him in front of guests or other colleagues - that way I can show everyone that I know more than my colleague.

Earn Trust

4. Earn Trust

Trust is the foundation of all relationships. Without trust, all relationships fail, including the relationships we have with our guests and colleagues.

Show others that they can trust you - by communicating honestly and clearly - by acting responsibly and with integrity - by following through with your promises to take action - by demonstrating that you have the knowledge, skills and ability to do your job well.

Earn Trust

We’re true to our words and tied to our actions. 

Each day, in big ways and small, we work to earn trust by acting with integrity.  

Trust is the foundation on which we build every relationship with guests, colleagues, owners and in our communities.

How can you earn someone's trust?

The following actions will help you earn the trust of your guests and colleagues.

  • Communicating honestly, clearly and fully
  • Admitting your mistakes
  • Not keeping promises
  • Saying one thing, but doing another

Free to go Beyond

5. Free to go Beyond

We’re free to go beyond what’s accepted and expected to make our guests’ stay and our colleagues’ day! 

We’re equipped to go the extra mile, encouraged to problem-solve and empowered to own and resolve any challenges that may arise.

Live Your Whole Life

6. Live your whole life

We're parents, students, artists, athletes and more!  

We have a whole life to live, we wear many different hats, and we do what we need to do, to look after ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

What can you do to look after yourself and live a balanced life?

  • Read a variety of books
  • Choose nutritious food over junk food
  • Build relationships with family and/or friends
  • Argue aggressively with other people
  • Spend some time regularly doing things that you love
  • Wait until the last minute to get things done

Find Your Fun

7. Find Your Fun

We love what we do and it shows. 

We have a sense of responsibility for each person we welcome through our doors, and we find joy in our daily tasks.

 Whether serving guests or fellow team members, the passion we have for what we do is evident and contagious.

Values Match Up

Match the description with the Core Value

  • Serve From Your Heart
    We listen closely and act compassionately to create meaningful, memorable experiences.
  • Be You
    We celebrate each person's uniqueness. Our different backgrounds help us build connections with others.
  • Deliver Greatness
    We challenge ourselves and support each other in our journey to become the best.
  • Earn Trust
    We act with integrity in small matters and large. We say what we'll do, and we do what we say.
  • Free to go Beyond
    We’re equipped to go the extra mile. We’re encourage to problem-solve and empowered to own and resolve challenges that arise.
  • Live your whole life
    We make sure that we take time to do the things we enjoy and spend time with people that we care about.
  • Find your fun
    We love what we do and it shows - our passion is evident and contagious.

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