Vertical 100 - T&T

This assessment covers the necessary knowledge to effectively prove competency in Nielsen Greater China's 100 level verticals, T&T espeicially


(T&T) Which of the following Practice/Products are T&T Vertical cooperating with?

  • Marketing Effectiveness/ Marketing ROI, Neuro, Online Brand Effect
  • Performance Management/ Retail Location analytics, Store Observation, Shopper Analytics
  • Consumerization/ CI U&A, CI Market sizing, AAC
  • Innovation/ Consumer Insight product or concept tests
  • All of the above

(T&T) Which of the following description correctly describes the 3 carriers’ market share?

  • China Mobile is leading the mobile communication market while China Unicom is leading the broadband market.
  • China Mobile is leading the mobile communication market while China Telecom is leading the broadband market.
  • China Unicom is leading the mobile communication market while China Mobile is leading the broadband market.
  • China Unicom is leading the mobile communication market while China Telecom is leading the broadband market.
  • None of the above

(T&T) True or False

  • Chinese mobile market is nearly saturated.
  • Communication operators' revenue growth continues to rise.
  • Government policies have deep impact on this telecom industry.

Which of the following is not consistent with the actual situation of T & T clients?

  • China Mobile is the world's No.1 telecommunications carrier
  • Samsung is the company with world's No.1 mobile phone sales
  • Haier is the home appliance manufacturers with world's No.1 sales
  • Personal electronics industry doesn’t need Nielsen's market research services

Which of the following is not a status quo of communications industry?

  • The user growth rate of telecommunications carrier decline.
  • Internet access traffic drop
  • The telecommunications carrier’s revenue growth rate is lower than the GDP’s growth rate
  • China mobile is leading 4G mobile market share

Which of the following industries are engaged in the business of virtual carrier?

  • Home appliance manufactures
  • Smartphone manufacture
  • Internet companies
  • Large real estate developers

Which of the following description does not comply with the current trend of the mobile phone market?

  • The new smart phone models released faster
  • The smartphone market share is changing
  • Huawei ranked 3rd in the global smart phone market share
  • Local brands in the Chinese market share has more growth than international brands

True or False

  • market’s demand for washing machines and refrigerators is growing
  • TV sales in China market is declining

True or False

  • Consumers like products with concept of health
  • Consumers like cost-effective products

True or False

  • Chinese home appliance brands is all over the country
  • Chinese Chinese home appliance manufacturers concentrated in certain areas by cluster

True or False

  • Six of the top 10 Chinese home appliance manufacturers are located in Guangdong

Which of the following category does not belong to the smart home industry ?

  • Household life
  • Environmental management
  • Mobile game
  • Telematics
  • Smart Wearable
  • Health Care
  • Home Security

Which of the following is not a challenge that smart home industry is facing?

  • Lack of industry profit model
  • Usage scenarios fragmented, difficult to integrate data
  • Consumers lacking knowledge of smart home
  • Dispute by industrial chain platform led to the enterprise standard is not unified
  • lack of capacity in big data collection and cloud services

Which household appliance manufacture created U + platform?

  • Haier
  • Media
  • Hisense
  • Changhong

Which of the following statement are wrong?

  • T&T did not cooperate with the Innovation Practice
  • Monitoring and tracking project is one of the main needs by T&T clients
  • Training and development projects are also T&T clients needs
  • When the communication industry needs to improve customer service experience through the implementation of the project, we think this is a kind of market research projects

True or False

  • T&T clients do not need product innovation research, as long as the monitoring of satisfaction on it

True or False

  • Public opinion monitoring is not helpful for T & T customers.

Which of the following statements is wrong?

  • "and" is China Mobile's new 4G brand
  • China Telecom 3G era uses the most widely used international WCDMA technology
  • LTE-TDD technology used by China Mobile 4G era is Chinese independent intellectual property rights
  • Carriers typically use data of BOSS system to carry out monthly business analysis meeting
  • ARPU is the average monthly revenue per user
  • DOU is monthly average call duration of user

Which of the following statements is wrong?

  • 4G technology is LTE-TDD
  • 4G technology is the TD-LTE technology
  • 4G technology is the TD-SCDMA technology
  • 4G technology is LTE-FDD technology