In-class Refresher

Topics to be covered:

Agent desktop


Group Conversion

Tying it all together


This module will cover topics for you to effectively support the Individual Insurance CC Service Model (copy)

Agent Desktop Tour

Flow of a call drag and drop

  • Incoming call will open a case
  • Info from IVR may populate in Top Banner/ Voice Enrollment
  • Confirm Contact Name. If populated incorrectly, Click on the Contact field
  • Change Contact Type (Optional)
  • Click Save
  • Confirm Asset. Use the look up tool if not populated
  • Confirm Business Unit, Case Type, and Case Subtype
  • Review Alerts
  • Authenticate the Call
  • Review Knowledge Article
  • Attach the article on the case
  • When necessary, create a task
  • Click ‘Post’, add any necessary notes related to the Case, and click ‘Share’.
  • Send Email from Agent Desktop
  • Click 'Status' Button
  • Clone a case for additional request
  • When necessary, end the call using softphone
  • Attach other knowledge articles used during the call
  • If there are Open Tasks, assign the case to Research Team
  • Using soft phone, change your aux cod to the appropriate status
  • Confirm Agent Code. Use the look up tool if not populated
  • Update the status to ‘Completed’, or leave ‘Active’


What are the things you need to consider in writing effective letters?

Things to consider to write effective client communications

Letter Template

Group Conversion Overview


  • Individuals who have Manulife coverage through their employers are entitled to apply conversion to individual insurance within 31 days of terminating their employment.

What is the form to use for Group Conversion?

  • Group Benefits Life Conversion Option Form 
  • Form Number GL3413E

Where do clients get the application form?

  • From Plan administrator
  • Group Benefits Customer Service at 1-800-268-6195
  • At just follow this path: support > find a form >  group benefits form
  • It is also available in resource, you can using the form number or the form itself 

Completing the application

  • The form has step-by-step instruction
  • Section1 should be completed by Plan Administrator
  • Clients can complete the form with or without the help an advisor -  it is also dependent on the type of plan they will be converting to

What do we need to process the conversion?

  • Completed form
  • Cheque for annual premium or completed PAD form. YES we need the premium payment to process it 


Available Plans for Group Conversion

Scenario Practice

Using the Group Conversion article on Agent desktop, match the scenarios with the correct response to properly assist the caller inquiring about group conversion

FCR and CS Research Overview

FCR Team

It is a group of individuals who use all resources to provide First Call Resolution. This group of CSPs are responsible for researching and understanding product information and systems 

CS Research Team

It is a group of dedicated individuals who work closely with our administrative partners and focus on resolving cases in a timely manner

Untitled open question

Service Model in a Nutshell

Role of FCR Team

First Call Resolution Team

  • Promote First Call Resolution on every issue
  • Understand product information and systems
  • Send @YS requests to the appropriate team
  • Update the system in relation to the client's requests e.g. changing the address on file and bank account for PAD
  • Email/Fax information that are readily available on the system. Examples are Policy Summaries and Duplicate statements
  • Walk advisors in downloading/completing forms on, run illustration using repsource, and encourage them to take advantage of the other self-service options
  • Order app files for research or claims purposes
  • Provide detailed notes for CS Research to effectively handle further requests
  • Set client's expectations regarding proper turn around time based on admin team's SLA
  • Create a task on every request that has to be sent to CS Research
  • Determine when it is necessary to assign case to CS Research 

Role of CS Research Team

CS Research Team Responsibilities

  • Confirm case details and notes and ensuring appropriate actions have taken place prior to receiving the case ( e.g. files ordered, OPS Support request created, etc.)
  • Email the CSP and their Specialist back requesting more details if sufficient notes were not provided by the CSP
  • Set an appropriate follow-up date based on SLA
  • Follow-up with admin teams for resolutions
  • Contact customer on or before the promised call back date to provide updates, even if no new information to provide
  • Complete case and communicate resolution to the customer, and ensure everything was processed correctly as per their original request
  • Promote positive communication and case management amongst the FCR team and Research Specialist team
  • Build trust with FCR team that cases are handeld appropriately and with care and concern for the customers

knowledge Check: Text Matching Activity

  • CS Research
    It is a group of dedicated individuals who work closely with our administrative partners and focus on resolving cases in a timely manner
  • FCR
    It is a group of individuals who use all resources to provide First Call Resolution. This group of CSPs are responsible for researching and understanding product information and systems

Knowledge Check: Who Am I?

Using your cursor create a hotspot inside the circle to indicate who is being identified on each scenario. 

Knowledge Check: Race to Service Model Success

Drag and Drop each step to the right order in relation the concept of Service Model in Nutshell.
  • CSP gathers all info from the caller to resolve the issue
  • CSP completes @YS form
  • CSP reviews the FCR Guideline
  • CSP creates task & assign to Research
  • Research completes the request & update case

FCR Guidelines

Review the FCR Guidelines

Case Management: Creating Case Notes/ Posts

Knowledge Check: Creating Case Notes

  • Include Any action required from CS Research
  • Take note of the client's phone number other contact details
  • Offer client to receive both phone call and written documentation of the request
  • Summarize the details of the discussion you had with the client
  • Add the password on the case notes when a secured document was sent via email
Select all the items that you need to consider in creating case notes

Case Management: Creating Task

Case Management: Setting Accurate Review Date

Knowledge Check: Review Dates

Match the suggested review date for each work item below that CS Research handles
  • Urgent Requests like RWOF and Write-Off
    Set review date to 24-48 Hours
  • Request with files to be ordered
    Set the review date to 5 Business days
  • Requests related to @YS tasks
    Set the review date within 7-10 business days
  • All other requests
    Set the review date within 10 Business days

WHAT CS Research needs from FCR and WHY?

How can you help CS Research?

Best Practices

Suggested Scripting and Call Handling Practice