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Alfresco Process Services System Architecture

Alfresco Process Services offers a REST API Explorer based on Swagger. How is this API Explorer enabled? Select One.

  • By setting api.explorer.enabled=true in
  • By setting api.explorer.enabled=true in
  • By adding addWebinfClassesResources=„true“ to the <CONTEXT> configuration property in activiti-app/META-INF/context.xml
  • By enabling the API Explorer in Identity Management -> Tenants -> Config

Which URL is used to open the Alfresco Process Services REST API Explorer?

  • http://localhost:8080/api-explorer
  • http://localhost:8080/activiti-app/api-explorer.html
  • http://localhost:8080/activiti-admin/api-explorer.html
  • http://localhost:8080/rest-api-explorer.html

By default, developers can specify any Spring bean for use in an expression in a service task. While this provides ease of use it also increases the possibilities of misuse and security threats. How can administrators reduce those threats? Select One.

  • By setting beans.whitelisting.enabled=true in and defining allowed beans in activiti-app/WEB-INF/classes/activiti/beans-whitelist.conf
  • By setting beans.blacklisting.enabled=true in and defining blacklisted beans in activiti-app/WEB-INF/classes/activiti/beans-blacklistlist.conf
  • By configuring Bean Blacklisting in IDM -> Tenants -> Config and listing blacklisted beans in the Blacklist section.
  • By giving the capability to use Beans only to trusted developers via IDM -> Capabilities

Which one of the following options is NOT an external system used by Alfresco Process Services out of the box? Select One.

  • A relational database.
  • A database backed user and group store.
  • Alfresco Content Services Share Connector.
  • An Elasticsearch installation.

System Configuration.

Alfresco Process Services can be deployed using a Docker container. Which of the following modes allow an APS Docker container to run in? Select Two.

  • Secure mode.
  • Trial mode.
  • Shared mode.
  • Development mode.
  • Exposed mode.

When installing APS using the installer, how can the activiti-admin.war be deployed to Tomcat? Select One.

  • Rename activiti-admin.war.undeployed to activiti-admin.war and restart Tomcat.
  • Rename to and restart Tomcat.
  • Rename activiti-admin.lic.sample to activiti-admin.lic and restart Tomcat.
  • Rename activiti-admin-context.xml.sample to activiti-admin-context.xml and restart Tomcat

Which of the following application containers are supported by Alfresco Process Services? Select Two.

  • Oracle WebLogic.
  • IBM WebSphere.
  • Glassfish.
  • Jetty.
  • Geronimo.

Which one of the following databases is NOT supported with Alfresco Process Services?

  • IBM DB2.
  • PostgreSql.
  • Teradata.
  • MySQL.

Where is the file that comes within the activiti-app.war file located? Select One.

  • …/activiti-app/WEB-INF/classes
  • …/activiti-app/META-INF
  • …/activiti-app/WEB-INF/classes/activiti
  • …/activiti-app/WEB-INF/classes/META-INF/activiti-app

When you upload an APS license via the activiti-app UI, where is this license stored? Select One.

  • In the classpath.
  • In the database.
  • In the Elasticsearch index.
  • It is not stored at all and only is valid until the server is restarted next time.

Which of the following names is a valid name for the APS license file?

  • aps.lic
  • activiti.lic
  • process-services.lic
  • alfresco.lic

While executing a process with a mail task, the mail task fails and there is an error with the following cause in the APS logs:

Caused by: com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPAddressFailedException: 550-Verification failed for <[email protected]>

550-Invalid domain part in email address

550 Sender verify failed

at com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPTransport.rcptTo(

... 183 more

In order to correct this issue, which of the following actions would you take? Select One.

  • Configure the email.from.default property in to use a mail domain used by your SMTP server.
  • Set email.enabled to true in
  • Configure the property in to use a mail domain used by your SMTP server.
  • Configure the email.username property in to use a mail domain used by your SMTP server.

The configuration of links in emails requires the property "email.base.url" to be set for which of the following situations? Select One.

  • When emailing task assignees is enabled.
  • When emailing task assignees is disabled.
  • When multiple server instances exist.
  • When links to the runtime system are included in email templates.

Which of the following variables in an e-mail template would NOT resolve to a process variable? Select One.

  • taskCreator
  • taskName
  • taskDirectUrl
  • taskPriority

Is the following statement True or False: The database tables for activiti-app and activiti-admin can be created under the same schema.

  • TRUE

Which property in controls the number of maximum allowed connections in the used database connection pool? Select One.

  • db.pool.max
  • db.max-pool-size
  • datasource.max-pool-size
  • datasource.pool.max

Consider a process that shall have access to an external database-backed data model, where is the related data source configured?

  • In by setting the datasource.external.* properties
  • In the data model itself under App Designer -> Data Models
  • In the process itself while editing it in App Designer
  • Under Identity Management -> Tenants -> Data sources

When configuring Hibernate for APS, which of the following is NOT a reason to set the hibernate.dialect property? Select One.

  • Dialects are specific to the database used.
  • Incorrect dialects can cause the app not to boot.
  • Longer than usual APS startup time.
  • The test SQL query is based on the specific dialect chosen.

When a user attaches a document from their local drive to a process, where is this content stored?

  • In an Alfresco repository as specified by the property contentstorage.alfresco.url in the file.
  • In Google Drive as specified by the property in the file.
  • On the filesystem as specified by the property contentstorage.fs.rootFolder in the file.
  • In Box as specified by the property in the file.

Scaling out Alfresco Process Services is done using a “horizontal” method. Which of these statements is TRUE about this method?

  • New servers need to be registered in the database and the load balancer.
  • New servers are added behind the load balancer.
  • New servers need to be registered in the database, added to the list in the APS UI, and added to the load balancer.
  • New servers only need to be configured to use the same database.

The configuration cluster.monitoring.max.inactive time is set to 60000 (10 minutes). Which of the following metric sending intervals could result in an APS cluster node being marked as inactive even if it is still functioning normally?

  • A metric sending interval of every 15 minutes.
  • A metric sending interval of every 5 minutes.
  • A metric sending interval of every 3 minutes.
  • A metric sending interval of every 1 minute.

Which of the following statements is NOT a limitation of multi-schema multi-tenancy (MSMT)? Select One.

  • The out of the box LDAP synchronization cannot be configured to synchronize users to different tenants.
  • Updating a tenant configuration (more specifically: switching the data source) cannot be done dynamically, a restart of all nodes is required for it to be picked up.
  • Tenants can only be configured (i.e. added, edited, deleted) via Identity Management. There does not exist a tenant configuration REST API.
  • A user id needs to be unique across all tenants. This is because a mapping {user id, tenant id} will be stored in the primary database to determine the correct tenant data source.

Which of the following statements is TRUE about a clustered MSMT environment?

  • When a tenant is deleted, it is deleted from the primary database and therefore all cluster nodes are immediately aware of that deletion.
  • When a tenant is deleted, it actually is deleted only from one cluster node first and it takes a period of time before deletion has rippled through to all the other cluster nodes.
  • Tenants cannot be deleted, they can only be set to inactive, in order to keep the relation between primary database and tenant database.
  • Tenants can only be deleted by dropping the full tenant database and the related entry in the primary database TENANT table.

Which of the following situations should be considered when enabling the REST API for Elasticsearch?

  • Elasticsearch indices should be built more often.
  • More Elasticsearch nodes should be added.
  • Elasticsearch cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) must also be enabled.
  • Traffic to the API should be restricted by firewall rules.

Which of the following actions would you have to take to rebuild the Elasticsearch indices? Select one.

  • Set the property index.validate to REINDEX in the file and after a server restart, the ElasticSearch index will be rebuild.
  • Drop the ElasticSearch data folder and copy the rows from the database table PROCESSED_ACTIVITI_EVENTS to ACT_EVT_LOG and set the IS_PROCESSED flag to 0 again. After a restart the ElasticSearch index will be rebuild.
  • Trigger the indexRebuildExecute() job from any JMX client. A server restart is not required.
  • Drop the ElasticSearch data folder from the filesystem (e.g. data folder while using embedded) and after a server restart, ElasticSearch index will be rebuild.

Before updating to a new version of APS, what should be backed up to ensure a safe recovery if there are problems?  Select Two.

  • Elastic search indexes.
  • Tomcat “conf” directory.
  • The APS database.
  • The Content Store directory.
  • The file.

When is it advisable to increase the configuration setting "activiti.process.-definitions.cache.max”? Select One.

  • When using a system with multiple external integrations.
  • When using a system with a multi-node configuration that impact system performance negatively.
  • When using number of process definitions concurrently that impact system performance negatively
  • When using step editor for process definitions.

To enable the usage of script tasks, the validation configuration item “validator.editor.bpmn.disable.scripttask” must be set to false. Select one additional configuration item that must be set to false.

  • validator.editor.bpmn.disable.scriptask.groovy
  • validator.editor.bpmn.disable.groovy
  • validator.editor.bpmn.disable.jsr223
  • validator.editor.bpmn.disable.jsscripting

When the configuration item “validator.editor.bpmn.limit.servicetask.only-class” is set to true, no expression property can be set on a service task. Select another property that CANNOT be set on the task.

  • The service task’s cardinality property.
  • The service task’s class property.
  • The service task's multi-instance type property.
  • The service task’s delegate expression property.

When implementing a custom report, a problem makes troubleshooting of the queries being sent to ElasticSearch via executeSearch() necessary. Which setting in the log4j configuration turns on the logging of the queries?


The configuration "metrics.console.reporter.enabled" is set to true to start logging runtime statistics for the REST API endpoint for APS. Why should the "metrics.console.reporter.interval" NOT be configured too low when logging these statistics?

  • The log files can grow very large very fast.
  • Performance is heavily impacted when logging is gathering this information.
  • The engine is not meant to run with this logging enabled.
  • Security information will be logged in plain text when this information is being gathered.

App Designer

When creating a new form field type for a form stencil, there are four components that need to be defined. Select the component that is NOT one of these four.

  • An HTML template that is rendered when dragged and dropped from the palette to the form canvas in the form builder.
  • An HTML template that is rendered when the form is displayed at run-time.
  • A JAR file containing all of the extension code that will be run when the control is displayed at runtime.
  • An optional custom AngularJS controller in case custom logic needs to be applied to the form field.
  • An optional list of third party scripts that are needed when working with the form field at run-time.

When using a decision table in APS to find the BEST match (i.e. when trying to match on to process variables), which hit policy should be selected when rules with an automatic match (empty value) field have been created? Select One.

  • Any (Multi pass).
  • Any (Single pass).
  • Last (Single pass).
  • First (Single pass).

When creating a data source for a data model in the Identity Management app, there are three fields that must be completed before the “Test connection” option is available and the connection can be saved. Select the item that is NOT one of the three.

  • JDBC url
  • Name (connection name)
  • Password
  • Driver class

When an App is exported and imported into another APS environment, what is the relationship between the versions of the App and its processes in the two environments? Select One.

  • The versions of the App and its processes in the Development environment and Test environment will always be identical.
  • The versions of the App and its processes in the Development environment and Test Environment are unrelated.
  • The App version is unrelated, but the process version will always be the same in the Development environment and Test environment.
  • The App versions will always be the same, but the process versions are unrelated in the Development environment and Test environment.

Select two actions that would allow a business user to see a published App on their landing page.

  • Share the App with a group the user belongs to.
  • Add the user as an assignee to a task in a process related to that App.
  • Share the App with the specific user.
  • Publish the App while signed into activiti-app as the intended user.
  • Sign onto activiti-app as an Administrator and add the App to the user in the Identity management App.

Identity Management

Select two steps that need to be completed before an Organization group can be removed completely from Identity Management.

  • Delete all users in the Organizational group.
  • Click the remove button (trash can icon) on the group detail section, in Identity Management, for the Organization group.
  • Delete all processes that have the Organization group as a candidate group in a task.
  • Remove all Apps that have been shared with the Organization group.
  • Wait for all tasks to be completed, and click the remove button a second time in Identify Management.

Select the name of the method required by the Global security override interface that will be called instead of the default logic. Select One.

  • globalSecurityOveride
  • securityOveride
  • globalAuthenticationOveride
  • configureGlobal

Which REST endpoint is only available to tenant administrators? Select One.

  • GET api/enterprise/profile/accounts/alfresco (configure ACS link).
  • GET api/enterprise/admin/users (list of users).
  • POST api/enterprise/admin/users (create a user)
  • DELETE api/enterprise/admin/groups/{groupId} (delete a group)

Which of the following Tenant Configuration Tabs has a setting that limits the permissions of process-involved users to read-only? Select One.

  • Endpoints
  • Events
  • Config
  • Data sources

By default, which out of the box capability group grants users the right to access the REST API? Select One.

  • analytics-users
  • Superusers
  • API-users
  • app-designer-users

On the user tab, which status would be used to temporarily block users from accessing an app using the bulk “Change status” action? Select One.

  • Deleted
  • Active
  • Inactive
  • Pending

In the Identity Management app, which tab would allow creating functional groups to mirror the structure of an area using an application? Select One.

  • Tenants.
  • Organization.
  • Users.
  • Personal.

When using LDAP or AD authentication setup in structured folders, how would the direct pattern configuration (ldap.authentication.dnPattern) be setup? Select One.

  • Direct pattern cannot be used.
  • Multiple Direct pattern configuration must be added for each user.
  • Multiple Direct pattern configuration must be added for each group.
  • The pattern must be relative to the base Distinguish name (DN).

When configuring Kerberos SSO, which one of these is NOT one of the basic setup steps? Select One.

  • Configure the machine where APS is hosted (for example, creating the krb5.ini file).
  • Configure APS for Kerberos SSO authentication.
  • Setup Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) for the servers.
  • Configure Active Directory.

Which authentication method is NOT available out of the box when using the APS REST API? Select One.

  • Basic authentication.
  • Impersonation.
  • Kerberos SSO authentication.
  • OAuth 2 SSO.

When using impersonation for REST API authentication, what must be TRUE about the user account to be impersonated? Select One.

  • The user must be from an LDAP synchronization.
  • The user must be a App designer user type.
  • The user must have the REST API capability.
  • The user must be an Admin account.

Document templates can be setup with a scope to limit access to their use. What are these scope settings? Select Two.

  • Process model specific.
  • Application specific.
  • User specific.
  • Group specific.
  • Tenant wide.

Which of the following administrative tasks can NOT be modified from within Identity Management?

  • Manage data sources.
  • Define the date format for form date fields.
  • Update a user´s phone number.
  • Manage document templates.
  • Retry failed jobs.

Admin Application

When using the Administrator Application to deploy applications to multiple environments, which action must be performed to have access from the console? Select One.

  • Configure each environment in the file.
  • Create a cluster for each environment to add them to the cluster list.
  • Add the environments to the file.
  • Create an environment file for each and place it in the Admin Console configuration directory.

A process instance may have multiple execution ids based on the structure of the process definition. Which tab presented on the process instance screen within the Administrator Application, can be used to find this information? Select One.

  • Variables.
  • Jobs.
  • Forms.
  • Tasks.

When viewing an incomplete task in the APS Administrator Application, which of the following items is NOT available to edit in the “Edit Task” action? Select One.

  • Name.
  • Description.
  • Process Name.
  • Priority.

Which of the following tabs is NOT available in the Monitoring section of the APS Administrator Application? Select One.

  • Runtime metrics.
  • Task Completion metrics.
  • Process definition cache.
  • Elastic Search.

A single APS Administration application can be used to monitor multiple APS Engines or clusters. This can be done in two ways. What are they? Select Two.

  • Configuration for clustering can be entered into each APS engine’s file.
  • Create a cluster configuration for each engine in the Administration application.
  • The admin.application.url on each engine’s file.
  • Create a master configuration in the Administration application listing each of the APS engine servers.
  • Use the Administration application’s “Generate cluster config jar”, and place it in the class path of each APS engine.

A user reports that notification emails are not being received from an APS process. Which tab in the Administration application would show the failure error? Select One.

  • Tasks.
  • Monitoring.
  • Jobs.
  • Apps.

Integrations with External Systems section

Which of the following steps is required to use a "Publish to Alfresco task" in a process? Select One.

  • The Alfresco repository endpoint needs to be configured in
  • The Alfresco repository endpoint needs to be setup in activiti-admin.
  • The Alfresco repository endpoint needs to be configured in the Tenants section in Identity Management.
  • The activiti-app URL needs to be defined in Alfresco´s file.

In order to publish documents to Alfresco, the Share connector needs to be applied to the Alfresco repository. This statement is:

  • TRUE

Which of the following task types do NOT exist in Alfresco Process Services out of the box? Select Two.

  • Publish to Alfresco.
  • Publish to Google Drive.
  • Publish to Dropbox.
  • Publish to Box.
  • Publish to AWS cloud.

Which of the following configuration options is required in order to be able to map metadata to documents using a publish to Box task? Select One.

  • No configuration is required and metadata will be mapped automatically when publishing to Box.
  • The property "box.enable.metadata-support" needs to be set to true in
  • The checkbox "Box Metadata Support“ needs to be ticked in tenants config section under Identity Management.
  • One has to tick the "Box Metadata Support“ checkbox in the publish to Box task properties in the BPMN editor.

Which of the following HTTP calls will return a user ticket in order to login an Alfresco Process Services user to an integrated Alfresco instance? Select One.

  • GET
  • POST { "secret": "activiti-share-connector-secret", "username": "kermit" }
  • GET
  • POST { "secret": "activiti-share-connector-secret", "username": "kermit" }