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WebCheckout at MediaTech

In July 2017 Media and Technology Support Services migrated over to WebCheckout as a whole department management system. MediaTech has over 4,000 pieces of equipment to manage, a rental counter that serves over 100 students a week, and around 10 Technicians that get scheduled for campus recordings. In addition to these we also manage an in house repair shop for our equipment and ticketing system to keep everything organized. No matter what your job is a MediaTech, WebCheckout will help you to complete your daily tasks and is required to be used.

Is WebCheckout used by everyone working at MediaTech?

  • Yes, all aspects of the department are centrally managed by the WebCheckout system.
  • No, only the rental counter deals with WebCheckout.

Which of these does WebCheckout manage at MediaTech? Please select all that apply

  • Equipment Bookings
  • Patron Reservations
  • Recording Scheduling
  • HR Tasks
  • Email System
  • Department Ticketing System
  • Inventory

How do I access WebCheckout?

WebCheckout is a web service that can be accessed anywhere on any computer at wco.psu.edu and it's a Single Sign On (SSO) software at Penn State, meaning you use your PSU WebAccess credentials to authenticate. 

There are three modules in WebCheckout Admin, Dashboard, and Patron Portal. Each have their own unique link to access. You will learn about each of these modules in their own sections. Note: It is recommended that you bookmark the Admin link wco.psu.edu/wco and then access the additional modules from the Apps section in WCO.


You have completed this section and have a good understanding of how MediaTech uses WebCheckout and how to access WCO. Now click on the Home button below and continue on to the next section to learn about three modules. 

WCO Admin

What is the Admin Module?

As an employee at MediaTech you are added as an operator in WebCheckout. This allows you to access the Admin module at wco.psu.edu/wco. Through this module you are able to see the entire WebCheckout interface allowing you to create orders, make reservations, check on equipment levels, create and resolve repair tickets and much more! Only authorized operators are able to access the Admin module in WCO.

Only operators can access the Admin Module?

  • Yes, only authorized operators will be allowed to access the Admin Module.
  • No, anyone can access but only authorized can change things.

Checkout Centers

In WebCheckout there are multiple checkout centers representing different equipment pools and resources across campus. These checkout centers include Wagner Annex, Willard, Thomas, Campus, Technician, and Decommissioned. When added as an operator, you are given access to the appropriate centers you will manage. 

You will notice this when logging in to the Admin module since it will ask you which Checkout center you will be accessing. These are your authorized centers. If you only have one authorized center, it will auto select and take you straight into Admin.

All checkout centers will list when I login?

  • If I am authorized to access all centers.
  • If I am authorized for only one center.


Learning how to navigate WebCheckout effectively is the first step in mastering WCO. Click on the different areas to learn what they are. 


You have finished learning the basics of the Admin Module. You should now be able to identify parts of the WebCheckout interface and how to choose your checkout center. Click on Home below to move on to the next section. 

WCO Dashboard

What is the Dashboard Module?

The Dashboard Module is an extension to the Admin Module in WebCheckout. Its used to display orders coming in or going out of the checkout center. This is used best on a secondary monitor in portrait mode for best viewing. 

Dashboard is best viewed on a Landscape monitor setup?

  • No, though Dashboard can still be used in Landscape, it is best in Portrait mode.
  • Yes, Dashboard should be viewed in Landscape mode only.

How do I access Dashboard?

The best way to access dashboard is by clicking on the apps button in Admin and then click on Dashboard. This will open Dashboard in a new tab on your browser. 

How do I setup Dashboard?

Once Dashboard is open, go to the top left of the window and click the 3 line menu button. Then click on Add Activity Board.

Now just tell Dashboard what you want to see. 

  1. Set the Checkout Center you want to see details about
  2. Start time defaults to Midnight but can show start times up to 24 hours before or view all orders
  3. End time defaults to Midnight but can show end times up to 24 hours after or view all orders
  4. Refresh defaults 30 Seconds but can be changed to suit the operator.
  5. Panels allows you to set either Outgoing information (reservations) or Incoming informatoin (returning orders) or both. 
  6. Delivery/Pickup Type can be changed to only show set/strike delivers or only will call/will return. 
  7. Sorting Options changes how the information is displayed. 


You have finished the Dashboard Module. You should now be able to open and setup the dashboard to show order information at your checkout center. Click Home below and continue on to the next section. 

WCO Patron Portal

What is the Patron Portal Module?

Patron Portal is the only module accessible by Penn State Student, Faculty, and Staff. It allows our patrons to view current and past checkouts, create new equipment reservations, and create a custom calendar feed to view their orders. 

Can anyone can access Patron Portal?

  • Yes, any Penn State Student, Faculty, and Staff can access Patron Portal
  • No, only people we choose can access Patron Portal

Reservations in Patron Portal

Patrons can utilize Patron Portal to reserve equipment at eligible checkout centers such as Wagner Annex. It's important that Patrons review the instructions prior to reserving so they do not recieve errors when reserving. Patron Portal reservations require Approval by an operator so orders are not finalized until that approval happens. Operators also have the ability to modify reservations to ensure equipment is ordered correctly and to ensure order details are correct. 

Are reservations placed by patrons able to be modified?

  • Yes, they must be approved and can be modified by an operator.
  • No, they are set and cannot be changed.


You have finished learning about Patron Portal. Now you should be able to answer any questions patrons have about using patron portal, how to access it, and encourage patrons use patron portal. Click Home below and continue to the new section. 



In this course you have learned the basics of WebCheckout. Including how to access and navigate the three different modules, and know the purpose of each and how they can be used. Click Home Below and Finish Course at the top right of your screen.