While You're Here

While You're Here

While You're Here

Ok, let's get serious for a second...

Your Employee Handbook goes over this stuff a bit more tediously but we thought we would give you the gist of some pretty important details. So here goes...

  • Attendance: COME TO WORK and ON TIME! (simple enough, right?).
  • If you know you're going to be late, please call your supervisor at least 15 minutes before your shift and try to arrive within 30 minutes of your shift. We get the emergency thing, but if you have too many unexcused tardies, it counts against you.
  • If you have to call off, do so at least 30 minutes before your shift. Don't leave your team hangin'!
  • No call, no show = no job.


No call no show no job

Shoulda called, I guess.

While You're Here

Dress for Success: 

So, that uniform sheet you received can come in handy right about now. Any items you choose to order will be deducted from your tips (we'll talk about Getting Paid in your next lesson). Ask your supervisor for current pricing as this is subject to change.

Your appearance is important in sending a message to our customers about the type of business we are. It helps to create a favorable image to the public and to fellow team members.

Shirts: Only Company shirts are to be worn. Undershirts are permitted if they are white, black or gray. Shirts must be tucked in.

Shorts: No exercise shorts. Only black shorts that are not jean shorts. No stripes, buckles, rivets or metal.

Pants: Only black pants. Leggings or Yoga pants are acceptable. No jeans. No stripes, buckles, rivets or metal.

Sweatshirts/Jackets/Hats: Only Company sweatshirts/jackets/hats can be worn.

Belts: Only Company belts permitted. Belts that have metal or buckles can present a risk to customer vehicles.

Shoes: Any type of sneaker or work shoe. No work boots. Must be in fair condition and laces should be tied at all times. Any type of open-toe shoe is not permitted.

Gloves: Only black, gray or lime green.

Jewelry: No jewelry of any kind can be worn on arms, hands or fingers (including wedding bands). They can present a potential harm to customer vehicles. A small neck chain can be worn as long as it is tucked behind the shirt.

Body piercings: Only studs and small earrings. No facial or body piercings.

Tattoos: Visible tattoos will be reviewed by management at the time of hire. Any visible tattoos received after hire that are deemed unacceptable by CCW could result in termination.

Facial hair/Hair: Facial hair is allowed as long as it is kept neat and trimmed. Hair must be conventional and well-groomed. Radical styles or colors are not permitted. Long hair must be tied back so it does not interfere with your work.

Team members who show up for work in unacceptable attire or appearance will be sent home to change after they clock out.

While You're Here

Company Tech



Cell phones:
Personal phones are permitted on property, but are to be used only when off the clock and out of the view of customers. For emergencies, see your supervisor for approval. If you are seen using your phone during any other time, you will be sent home immediately.

Cell phone usage is necessary in certain positions. Managers and supervisors are permitted to use cell phones for these reasons. If possible, these calls should still be made out of the view of customers.

Mics and Two-Way Radios:
Mics and radios are to used for business purposes only. Radios must be worn with an earpiece. These should be handled with extreme care.

Computers and Internet:
Certain positions are provided with access to company owned computers and iPads. These are intended for work purposes only. Internet surfing is prohibited.

While at work, please focus on performing your work for the Company. Of course, there may be occasions when you need to send or receive a quick personal call, email or text during the work day. Please use your personal technology for these personal matters and do so only when on break.


While You're Here

Traditional and Social Media

Social media


When using social media, use your best judgment and exercise personal responsibility. Take your responsibility to heart. Integrity, accountability, and respect are core company values. Remember that there can be consequences to your actions in the social media world.Any harassment, bullying, discrimination, or retaliation or other behavior that would not be permissible in the workplace is not permissible between co-workers online, even if it is done after hours, from home and on home computers.

Do not speak for the Company in the press or on social media without first getting written approval from one of the owners to do so. 

While You're Here


Team members 18 years of age and older receive a 30 minute, non-compensable break during their scheduled shift.   Team members ages 14 through 17 are given breaks in accordance with the Maryland law (MD Stat., Labor and Employment Article, 3-210).  Food is to be eaten in the employee break room only. Do not store food in the greeter hut or in the barista area. Your break time will be decided by management. Due to demands of the business, no more than one employee may take a break at a time unless otherwise told by management. You may only smoke during your break and then only in approved areas.



Use your time wisely!

While You're Here

Inclement Weather: Rain and Snow (and everything in between)


Remember this?!

Our business is directly related to weather. Our staffing requirements fluctuate based upon these conditions. CCW tries to distribute work hours equally and fairly, however, we cannot always predict the weather. On days with uncooperative weather, contact the opening manager to see if you need to report to work. Unless authorized by management, you are still expected to show up for your shift.

While You're Here


We are open all holidays except Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. We do have different operating hours for New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day.


While You're Here


Team members may park in authorized locations only. Ask your supervisor for a list of authorized locations. All team members should be respectful of the property and environment and refrain from littering.

And doing what this guy did...


Bad parking 20 5