Be your horse best friend

Are you struggling to get your horse attention? Then this is fore you. You will learn how to easily get your horse attention, so he/she will always try to please you. 
 You will learn how to build a relationship with your horse so you will be each others best friends. 

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Focus is important to get your horse to see you as a leader. The horse is a born follower. His instinct is to follow a good leader. So he is very good at recognizing  a good leader when he sees one.

 The leader is the one who always know where to go and what to do. The follower is the one who follow the leader and does everything to please the leader so he will be welcome in the herd.

 If the horse doesn't see a leader, he have to take all the decisions himself. If you don't find a leader you have to be the leader.  If your horse see you as a leader, he will follow you and do his best to please you. If he doesn't see you as a leader he will do what ever he find convenient.  So we have to do our best to act as a leader. We have to focus on where to go and what to do. If we focus on the horse and what he is doing, we act as a follower and the horse will of cause take the leadership.

The first thing you have to learn, is to stay focused. The leader is the one who knows what to do. The follower is the one that think that someone else knows better. It's of cause easier to follow a leader, than being the one who takes all decisions.



We have to create a languish that is easy to understand for the horse. We will make it as easy as possible, so the horse always have the feeling that it was easy.

 Remember to show how much you appreciate  when you horse are doing right.  Be happy, have fun, be the leader who are a pleasure to work fore.  we only ad small things ad the time and then have a lot of fun with it until it is a good habit. Then we can ad another little thing so we can do more together.

 If we always think like this and it's always easy fore the horse to do what we want, he will be more and more eager to figure out what we want.  The learning process will get very fast, when the horse is in the state of trying his best.  By only adding small steps, the learning will be faster. And your relationship will grow stronger.

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Building trust.

Building trust is important. You want your horse to know that it is safe to do as you ask of him.
 Start with asking for small things. Remember that all you ask have to be easy fore the horse to do, to build up his self-confidence.
 DO NEVER TRY TO PULL YOUR HORSE THROUGH ANYTHING!!!! If the horse is just a little afraid, he will try to jump or rush trough. That will bring you in a very dangerous situation. So always use the focus on the shoulder to get him out and look at his tail to get him back to you.
 Make it as easy as possible fore the horse. Remember you only want the horse to examine the obstacle. 

Have fun and show your horse appreciation.   

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