Zenergi Initial Training Review - SAM

Zenergi Knowledge Review

History Of Zenergi (copy)

When was Zenergi founded?

  • 2001
  • 2002
  • 2003
  • 2004

In your own words, what does Zenergi do?

HR & Fire Safety (copy)

What is the sickness procedure?

Who are your Fire Wardens?

Where is your Fire Assembly Point?

If you need to be contacted (at work) for an emergency you should?

  • Be contacted on the office number
  • Be contacted on your mobile

Where can you find copies of the H&S, Employee and Fire Handbooks?

How many Flex days can you book a month?

  • Unlimited if you have the hours
  • 1
  • 2

The Zen Way (copy)

If answering the phone, you should pick up after no more than

  • 3 Rings
  • 4 Rings
  • 5 Rings

In your own words, what are the important features of a successful phone call?

What should you do at the end of every call, especially negative one’s?

What font size should you use for emails?

  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12

What font type should you use for emails?

  • Times New Roman
  • Calibri
  • Tahoma
  • Comic Sans

When should you give an account more attention than normal?

Industry Knowledge (copy)

Match the correct electricity meter types to their profile classes

  • A meter with a profile class of 03
    Non Half Hourly Meter
  • A meter with a profile class of 00
    Half Hourly Meter

If a Customer's VAT status is de-Minimis, what do they pay

  • Full Rate VAT (20 %), NO CCL Charge
  • Full Rate VAT (20 %), WITH CCL Charge
  • Reduced Rate VAT (5%) NO CCL Charge
  • Reduced Rate VAT (5%) WITH CCL Charge
  • No VAT Applicable NO CCL Charge
  • No VAT Applicable WITH CCL Charge

What does FIT stand for?

Feed in Tariff

What does CCL stand for?

Climate Change Levy - The climate change levy (CCL) is a tax on industrial and commercial use of energy and was introduced on 1st April, 2001. The Climate Change levy applies to sales of electricity, coal, natural gas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas to the business and public sectors.

Explain Half Hourly ASC

Role Specific (SAM)

How often do we request an LOA from a customer?

  • Quarterly
  • 6 Monthly
  • Annually

Supplier X is £200/annum cheaper than the incumbent on a £12,000/annum total spend tender. You have already approached the incumbent, and they can’t drop their price any further, what do you do?

Do we have any reason (other than price) not to place the supply with the incumbent?

If no, we would recommend staying with incumbent but allow the customer to decide. Reasons could include:

  1. Prevents having to resubmit DD/VAT/ECD forms for some suppliers

  2. the transfer may be objected to if there is outstanding or delayed payment

  3. we may be close to the transfer deadline therefore unable to register on time without period on out of contract rates

When is an ECD (Emergency Contact Details) form required from the customer?

  • The Customer has a Gas supply which uses over 12,000 kWh
  • The Customer has a Gas supply which uses over 132,000 kWh
  • The Customer has a Gas supply which uses over 532,000 kWh
  • The Customer has a Gas supply which uses over 732,000 kWh
  • The Customer has a Gas supply which uses over 932,000 kWh
  • The Customer has a Gas supply which uses over 1,000,000 kWh

The customer returns an acceptance after the 4PM market deadline (3PM on Friday’s). The market has been particularly volatile lately, and there is a chance the market will rise in the morning.

  • Advise the customer there is no problem, we will honour these rates and confirm in the morning. If the market does rise, contact the supplier to reduce our commission by the difference.
  • Advise the customer they are too late, we will need to re-run the tenders for them tomorrow or at another convenient date.
  • Advise the customer that prices are usually only guaranteed until 4PM, that the market is officially closed for the day. We can often secure them the following morning, but if the market has moved up we may need to re-price.

What must you confirm when securing a HH contract with the supplier?

  • Commission included
  • 12 Months HH Data
  • DC costs excluded from the rates
  • ASC
  • Term accepted (12/24/36)

What is the day rate in this example below?

For an upcoming Zenergi renewal, we have a 2017 Zen Sign LOA. What does this mean?

After confirming with the customer, we are authorised to sign the renewal on their behalf within the parameters specified.

What calculation(s) do we need to use to determine the daily charges in the example below? Clue, there are more than one. Why?

For quarterly ‘Q’ billed meters = Standing charge x 4 / 365

For monthly ‘M’ billed meters = Standing charge x 12 / 365

 Why? There are both in this quote, pricing a monthly billed using the quarterly formula will significantly underestimate the cost to the customer, leading to unhappy customer, potential legal implications and likely compensation payments due

When do we need to request Emergency Contact Details?

  • 732,000 kWh/annum or more
  • 716,000 kWh/annum or more

What is another implication for certain suppliers if a gas supply is over previous questions threshold?

Take or Pay Clause e.g.TGP

If we are pricing multiple gas meters for one customer, would we look to:

  • Place each supply with the cheapest individual supplier for that meter
  • Place the cheapest overall supplier for the group
  • Place the supply with the incumbent supplier

What must you confirm when securing a HH contract with the customer?

What are their currentarrangements for MOP/DC

If they have an agreement elsewhere, what is the end date? (or who is the supplier so we can find out on their behalf)

If they have no agreement, are they happy for us to appoint on their behalf using our scheme

At what point in the sale do you send DD/VAT/ECD forms?

When sending the offers if there is one single lead supplier OR usually upon confirming acceptance

Your Feedback (copy)

Thank you for completing the feedback questionnaire. Do you feel like you have had adequate training on everything you need to complete your job role to the best of your ability? Is there anything you would like more training on?