Skill Indawo Consultant On-boarding Program

Welcome to the Skill Indawo Consultant on-boarding course. This program will cover all the need to knows to get you ready to consult through the Skill Indawo platfrom.

Section 1

The roles of a consultant

» A consultant is not a manager.

» A consultant is not the owner of an organisation’s problems, needs or opportunities.

» A consultant has no positional power to decide what needs to be changed and how it should be done.

» A consultant can influence the direction of decision making.

» Advisers in staff roles are consultants, for example IT, HR, SHERQ, CI, Finance, Process Engineering, and Corporate Communication.

» A consultant has special expertise to offer in a discipline or subject, for example value chain management.

Source: Gerard van Hoek (Results-Driven Consulting Skills – KR Publishing – 9781874997934)


The roles of a consultant

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