Project Management 101

Are you planning a event or work project and don't know where to start? Well if you answered Yes, this is the course for you!  This course will give you an overview of project planning principles and how to lead a project team successfully.

Module 2.3 - Three methodology principles (CCP) for Project Management?

What is the three methodology principles (CCP) for Project management?

Project Management Principles - CCP

There are many types of projects (simplex or complex) with this in mind many teams believe that they might need high-tech or fancy tools to assist with their individual project management methodologies to ensure that their projects are a success.

There are many tools that can improve project management, we will discuss them later in this module, but if you in your project do not understand the Project Management Fundamental, these tools would do more harm than good.

But there is a way that if you have basic fundamentals in place with  applying these three simple concepts to your project management you will be better off than using any of the fancy tools on the market.

Concepts are simple: CCP

Clear and Concise


Positive Attitude

Clear and Concise: Project Managers or team should always be responsible to ensure there is always clarity in any project, from start to finish, project, timelines etc. that will encourage focus, directions and understanding for the team members.

Communication: There is no way we can elaborate enough on the importance of communication, open communication is encouraged across the team as assist in various aspects such as coordination of projects, keeping stakeholders informed (Communication for PM)

Positive Attitude: Project Managers and teams need to know how to use “positive thinking” in the project to assist in teams moral and getting the results.  This will automatically have impact on relationship management of the team, approaching challenges, creating a good working environment and staff moral. (8 Attitude towards success for project management)

  • Communication, Clear - Concise and Positive Attitude
  • Communication, Concise and Planning
  • Collaboration, Clear - Concise and Positive Aptitude
  • Communication, Clear and Project Management
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