Ground Shipping of Hazardous Materials Quiz

Please complete the following quiz to test your knowledge of the Ground Shipping of Hazardous Materials training you successfully completed. 


How often must “hazmat employees” receive hazardous materials training?

  • Initially and then every 12 months
  • Initially and then every 24 months
  • Initially and then every 36 months

Which of the following are shipper’s responsibilities when transporting hazardous materials by ground transportation?

  • Packaging
  • Labeling
  • Shipping
  • All of the above

How should MK employees classify fragrance products when shipping by ground transportation?

  • Fully-regulated Hazardous Materials
  • Limited Quantity by Ground
  • Limited Quantity by Air

TRUE or FALSE: The federal hazardous materials regulations impose maximum weights for inner packages and outer packages for Limited Quantity ground shipments.

  • True
  • False

TRUE or FALSE: Shipping only 1 unit of fragrance does not require Limited Quantity labels.

  • True
  • False

How must a Limited Quantity label be oriented on a box containing hazmat product?

  • On diamond point, with black tips pointed up and down
  • Flat on one side paralleling the edges of the box
  • Starting on one side of the box and extending onto another

When creating a FedEx shipping label for a Hazmat shipment, what additional step(s) must be taken?

  • The associate creating the label must be Hazmat certified
  • The Special Service “ORM-D/Limited Quantity” must be selected
  • The associate must confirm “No-Air” is printed on the shipping label
  • All of the above

Why are Orientation Arrow markings required on liquid hazardous material shipments?

  • “Fragile” markings are a suitable substitute for Orientation Arrows
  • Hazmat liquids may spill in transit if placed upside down or sideways
  • Orientation Arrows are not required on liquid hazmat shipments

How must all Limited Quantity shipments of hazardous materials be shipped?

  • Always by UPS Ground
  • Always by UPS Air
  • Either UPS Ground or Air

TRUE or FALSE: Report all damaged, lost, or stolen fragrance packages to Loss Prevention?

  • True
  • False