Taking off!

how to get the perfect quick takeoff on a manual car.

section 1

You will first need to rev up your motor in order get your rpm's up to about 3000, then engage your clutch and switch into first gear, after so let off on the clutch and engage the gas pedal so they meet up about halfway .

what is your first step in order to get the perfect quick takeoff?

  • rev up your motor
  • engage your clutch
  • shift into gear

how many rpm's should you be at for the perfect quick takeoff?

  • 3000
  • 5000
  • 1000

which pedal is your clutch?

  • far left pedal
  • middle pedal
  • far right pedal

After you have your rpm's where you like them what is your next step?

  • switch into gears
  • engage clutch
  • engage throttle

Once you have your everything in order to take off where should your gas pedal and clutch pedal meet up at?

https://youtu.be/QIvvkeFx870 second takeoff

  • up high
  • down low
  • in the middle