PM Notification Creation

Users are required to know reasons as to why PM notifications should be created. They also need to know the different types of PM notifications

PM Notification Creation

PM Notification Definition

  • SAP maintenance notification plays an important role in SAP Plant Maintenance. It is used to notify maintenance department about an abnormal or exceptional situation(s) in technical objects at the plant (A piece of equipment). It is also used for planned maintenance activity and to notify planners. Other reasons for PM Notification creation are to capture equipment maintenance history and equipment downtown 
  • Types of PM Notifications 

              K1  Non Routine Planned – Corrective Maintenance Notification 

              K2  Non routine Unplanned - Breakdown Notification

              K3  Routine Planned  - Planned Maintenance Notification 

              K4  Engineering/Workshop Request  - Used for engineering workshop repairs request

              K5  Refurbishment - Whole Equip  - Used for equipment refurbishment 

              K6  Equipment Dismantle  - Used for equipment dismantling 

             K7  Condition Based Monitoring - Condition Based Maintenance•

             K8  Shut Down Maintenance

              KC  Condition Based Maintenance _Auto Schedule

              KR  Root cause Analysis  - RCA Notification 

              KS  SHEQ Notification

PM Notification Statuses

As already mentioned, a notification is used as a request for maintenance, before the order is created. Through different steps of processing, the notification will get a different status. Each status represents a step in the notification life cycle and different functions are related to the status. Below are notification status

PM Notification Creation

Notification Creation can either be:

  •  Automatic System Generated – K3 and KC notification types are system generated 
  • Manual – All types, except    those mentioned above are manually created 

For manually created notifications, the following path from the SAP Easy access applies:

Menu path:Logistics >Plant Maintenance > Maintenance Processing > Notification > Create (General)

Transaction code:IW21 – Create (General)

Notification Creation – Step by Step

From the SAP Easy Access screen, enter transaction code IW21 in the command field and then press the [Enter] key.   

[If the Command Field is missing, click the expand arrow    on the top left corner of the SAP Easy Access Screen]

  • In the Notification type field, enter notification type e.g. K2 and then press the [Enter] key. A new notification form opens

Notification Creation – Step by Step

In the Notification title field, enter a brief title for your notification (e.g., install projector in classroom B-2) In the Equipment, enter your equipment number (e.g., 200002345).

Notification Creation – Step By Step

  • In the Description field, describe in detail what action you want to request of Maintenance and Operations.
  • In the Reported by field, enter the name of the person M & O would contact for any questions. This field has only 12 characters in which to enter a name. Usually this automatically picked by the system.  
  • Main WorkCtr and planner group are defaulted from equipment

Notification Creation – Step By Step

  • Breakdown check needs to be selected if notification is related to a breakdown process.  Note: This should only apply to K2 Notification type 
  • Damage code, Cause of notification can be defined if known, else need to be put at the time of completion. It will be a basis of analysis and reporting in future. 
  • Click on save button once all required information is defined in the notification. The SAP system will generate a number for our new notification from the internal number range which is defined in customizing. The initial status of a notification is called outstanding notification – OSNO

Notification Change

Menu path: Logistics >Plant Maintenance > Maintenance Processing > Notification > Change

Transaction code: IW22 – Change

  • To change an existing notification, start the transaction IW22, input the notification number and then click Enter button to go to the next screen

  • Change PM Notification – Initial Screen

Notification Change

  • This transaction is used when any changes are required in a notification before setting it to “In progress” status. The change mode can also be used to put notification in progress if not done during initial creation. The notification will be updated with the status NOPR

Notification Change

  • SAP PM Notification – Put in Progress, Click the Green flag to set notification to “In progress” state. It will change the notification status. It is usually done by a maintenance planner after reviewing the details of a PM notification