Radio/TV Interviewing Assessment

This is the Assessment section of the Radio/TV Interviewing course

Radio/TV Interviewing Assessment

True or False: Plan, Listen, and Maintain control are parts of the Radio/TV Interviewing Process

True or False: "Why are you interviewing this person?" is part of the Listen section

True or False: The interviewer should listen to what the interviewee has to say.

True or False: You need to ensure good quality audio

True or False: You need to ensure good quality video

True or False: Depending on the question, you can predict what an interviewee will say

True or False: Talking over the person occasionally is acceptable

True of False: Staring is a way to make eye contact

True or False: Allowing the interviewee to manipulate what you ask is acceptable

True or False: Acknowledging what the interviewee says will keep them talking

True or False: You should show the person being interviewed interest in what they are saying

True or False: A list of notes should be kept about the person being interviewed should be kept as backup