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Feel the Revolution of Grand.OS


Be Cole Haan and Share:  match up the Grand.OS features that provide innovative benefits to our customers

  • Li
    Where we can slim down soles or replace heavy materials, we will.
  • Br
    Engineered upper materials and construction promote airflow for rapid evaporation and cooling, so your feet stay dry and comfortable.
  • Cu
    Grand.OS Energy Foam offers maximum shock absorption with each step, reducing fatigue, ensuring a smooth, luxurious ride.
  • Fl
    Every element moves with the agile and natural motion of the human foot.

Grand.OS Components

The Art of Elegant Innovation


Be Cole Haan and Share:  the ultimate expressions of Elegant Innovation

  • Removes the pressure points on the foot
    Padded tongue and achilles
  • What type of Innovation is made up of the things you see and don't see that work together?
    360 Degree Design
  • Provides moisture management and works in conjunction with a perforated upper
    Fitsock, which gives a glove-like fit
  • Laser cut to enhance flexibility
    Leather motion soles
  • Respect Tradition enough to reinvent it
    Our design philosophy
  • An expression of Elegant Innovation that delivers comfort, flexibility and energy response
    Grand Revolution Pump

Grand Anatomy: Improving our customer's lives through Grand.OS Innovation

Revolutionary By Design


Be Cole Haan and Share: 2.0 Grand. Learn about the details that work together to improve our customer's lives.

Be Cole Haan and Share: Grand Revolution details that improve our customer's lives through Grand.OS Innovation