Picturepark Sales Training

Picturepark Sales Training should enable you to successfully make sales with Picturepark. The various courses target different scenarios and explain the fundamentals of DAM as well as more complex sales situations. 

Picturepark Introduction (background details)

Background in a nutshell

Picturepark is a Swiss based vendor in the area of Digital Asset Management incl. offices in Vienna (Austria) and San Francisco. 

The solution is fully web browser based and based on .NET technology. 

With several hundred customers from all sorts of industries, Picturepark is one of the leading solutions for Digital Asset Management.

Customers & references in a nutshell

Picturepark is not an industry specific solution like others - the flexibility in the area of configuration enables to create powerful and customer orientated use case driven solutions. 

Picturepark has customers from all industries around the world like Swatch, AMD, Burberry, Siemens, Specialized, Breitling, etc.  

User interface (overview)