0ffice 365 Training (English)

This e-learning course will lead you to the basics of the Office 365. After getting started, you will learn how to install and use the tools. You will also learn the dos & don'ts during the old/new system coexistence period. 

Explore the Office 365

Office 365 and the "Collaborative Program"

The collaborative program aims to modernize and simplify the way we work together using collaborative technologies.

From 2016, Michelin Group will replace the Lotus Notes tools with a new more modern and more connected solution called Office 365 (Microsoft).

Access to Office 365

To connect, you need to open Firefox 38 or Internet Explorer 11:

  1. Go to office.com and click in the upper-right-hand corner "sign in".
  2. Enter your email address Michelin (you will then be redirected automatically to the Michelin login page)
  3. Enter your password (the same password you use to log on your PC)
  4. Validate

Discover Office 365

The Office 365 home screen consists of:

  1. A "Start" menu
  2. Quick application access
  3. Access to your profile

Office 365 solution will?

  • Replace Lotus Notes and Sametime with new more modern and simple tools
  • Add new tools to current

Install and configure Office 365 in your Michelin PC

The components of Office 365 to install on your Michelin PC

The components to install on your Michelin PC:

  • Skype for Business
  • Outlook 2010 (optional)

You must be connected to the Michelin network to install components needed to use the Office 365 solution on your PC.

To facilitate the installation, it is advisable not to perform the operation when connected from outside Michelin. However, if you cannot directly connect to the network Michelin, make sure you have a good Internet connection to perform these installations.

To know about migration:

If you are not able to install these tools, it's not an issue. Office 365 solution is available directly through Firefox 38 or Internet Explorer 11.

Alert: Some Michelin applications are not compatible with Internet Explorer 11 > Link with not compatible applications


Install Skype for Business

Install and configure Skype for Business:

  1. Open Catalog SCCM through the shortcut on the Windows desktop
  2. Look for the "Skype" program and click "Install"
  3. When the installation is complete, go to the Windows Start menu and launch "Skype for Enterprise 2016"
  4. Enter your "connection address" and login using the same password as your PC


Install Outlook 2010

  1. Open Catalog SCCM through the shortcut on the Windows desktop
  2. Look for the "Outlook" program and click "install"
  3. When the installation is complete, go to the Windows Start menu and click "Outlook 2010"
  4. Put your email (replace the existing one)
  5. Put your password (The same than for the PC)
  6. Validate

On the first connection, email, calendar and contact datas take few minutes to be synchronized.

Do I have to install Internet Explorer 11 for Office 365?

  • Yes
  • No

Install and configure Office 365 in your Smartphone

The components of Office 365 to install on your mobile device

  • The email and calendar (Native Client) including the Company portal
  • Skype for Business (Optional)
  • OneDrive (Optional)

To access the services of the Office 365 Michelin on your Smartphone (iPhone or Android), you must have an account to use either the Apple portal application (App Store) or the Android application portal (Play Store ).

  • Create an Apple account:
    If your use an iPhone and you do not already have an Apple account, you need to create one. Without this account, you will not be able to install and configure Office 365.


  • Fill in the required fields using your Michelin email address
  • You will then receive an email allowing you to finalize the creation of the Apple account


  • Create a Google Account:
    If you use an Android and you do not have a Google account, you need to create one. Without this account, you will not be able to install and configure Office 365.


  • Fill in the required fields and use your Michelin email address
  • You will then receive an email allowing you to finalize the creation of the Google account


  • To know about migration:


Once you migrate to Office 365, you will no longer receive emails in Traveller.

If you are not able to install these tools to your PC on the day of migration, know that they are still available to you via web. Indeed, the Office 365 solution is available directly through Firefox 24 or Internet Explorer 11.

First, uninstall Traveler

To uninstall Lotus Traveler, follow the process defined for your smartphone:

  • Uninstall Lotus Traveler on Android

  • Uninstall Lotus Traveler on iPhone


Configure email and calendar

  • On Android

To configure your Email / Calendar / Contacts:

  • On iPhone

To configure your Email / Calendar / Contacts you need to install and configure the company portal

Configure Skype for Business (optional)







Configure OneDrive

  • Android


  • iPhone



Can I install the solution on my personal smartphone without installing Company Portal?

  • Yes
  • No

Mail - Outlook Web Application (OWA)

Start with the Mail App

  • Go to the Mail app:



    • Click the Office 365 menu
    • Click the Mail icon
  • Mail application overview:


    1. Folders with Inbox
    2. Search box
    3. List of emails in the selected folder
    4. Content of the selected email

To know about migration:

No email will be migrated into the new solution. Your Lotus Notes Folders are not migrated.

For emails previous to the migration, use Lotus Notes.

/!\No other mails will be delivered on Lotus Notes.

Lotus Notes archives remains accessible via the Lotus Notes client on your Michelin PC.

Send emails

To create an email:

  1. Click "New"
  2. Insert the recipients and the topic of your email
  3. Write your email
  4. Click on "Send"



When creating an email, it is automatically saved in the "Drafts" to its sends.


To Reply / Reply to all / Forward you must select the email and then:

  1. Click "Reply all"
  2. To reply to the sender only, click the arrow to the right of "Reply All" and select "Reply"
  3. To forward an email, click the arrow to the right of "Reply All" and click "Forward"

To finalize an email:

  1. Folders in the left pane, select "Drafts"
  2. Select the draft you want to continue to write
  3. When the message is completed, select "Send"

To set an priority for email:

  1. Click on "…"
  2. Select "Set priority"
  3. Select the required level

To request an acknowledgment:

  1. Click "Show the messages options"
  2. Select the required option and click OK

Deleting mails

Office 365 lets you delete your emails individual unit or by batch. USE CAUTION when you use the batch option.

To remove Mails:

  1. Right click on the e-mail message, and then select "Delete"
  2. To delete an email on trash folder, right click the folder and select "Empty Folder"

To recover a deleted mail:

  1. Select the Trash folder, right click on the email and select the menu item "Recover"

Archiving emails

The archives allow to keep your mails. Your archive is available in the Folders area and has the name "in-place archive - my_email@cc.michelin.com".

To archive one or more emails:

  1. Select the mails to be archived
  2. Select the "Move to" menu, then select the archive box


Folders and rules


Folders allow you to organizemessages as desired.

To create a new folder:

  1. Under Folders, select the "+" option,
  2. Assign a name to your new folder.


Custom rules automate the filtering and storage of your emails.

You can, for example:

  • Set a rule to automatically move mails received from a correspondent
  • Set a rule to automatically move all mail in copy

To create a rule:

  • Right-click on the email and select the "create a rule"
  • Configure the rule to suit your needs

Edit or delete a rule:

To edit or delete a rule, you must open the Office 365 menu option, then select "Inbox Rule" in the "Mail / Auto Processing" menu.

Search emails

  • The search allows you to quickly find all your emails:

    1. The area "Searching messages and contacts" is the entry point for any research in emails
    2. Simply enter the search word in this zone and validate
    3. The Outlook web application returns results by highlighting search words that are present in the various components of an email



    You can refine the results by selecting the folder in which you want to search.

"Offline" mode

Office 365 includes an option that allows access to your emails without a network connection. Offline, you can:

  • Read and reply to messages
  • Send new messages
  • View and edit your calendar
  • Respond to meeting requests
  • View and edit your contacts

To set the "offline" mode:

  1. Select the Setup menu of Office 365 (Checking numbering)
  2. Click "Offline Settings"
  3. Follow the steps, remembering to select the specific folders you want to synchronize (the number of files available offline is limited)

WARNING: You must add the Outlook shortcut (CTRL+D) exactly as specified in the configuration steps to be able to access O365 offline. Do not rename the bookmark or favorite link. This is the only method of connecting when you are offline.

To know: The first synchronization takes a while. Be patient.


Office 365 allows you to define your electronic signature, which may be sent either on new emails or/and on messages that you reply or forward.

To add an electronic signature:

  1. Go to the "Options" from your Office 365 account
  2. Click "Electronic signature" of "Mail / Layout" menu
  3. Select the electronic signature options
  4. Create your signature
  5. Save


Can I access my mail when my PC is not connected?

  • Yes
  • No

Sharing and delegation of the mail box

  • Sharing the letter box may be necessary mainly in two cases:

    • Assistant who need to access the calendar of managers or their scope
    • "Functional account" which are used by several people.
  • To share a box at the letter with one or more persons:

    • Right-click on your letter box and select "Permissions" option
    • Add permissions to a person
    • Set access rights of that person

      To add a box to the letter shared with you:

    • Right-click on your letter box and select "Add a Shared Folder"
    • Enter the name of the letter box to add and validate.


Contacts - Outlook Web Application (OWA)

Discover the Contacts application

Access Contacts application:

  1. Click the Office 365 menu
  2. Click the People icon

Overview of the application contacts:

  1. Search zone
  2. Create/Modify/Delete contacts
  3. Access to personal and corporate contacts
  4. List of contact of the directory selected
  5. Details of the selected contact

To know about migration:

All of your synchronized contacts in Lotus Notes will be migrated to the new solution.

Create a contact

To create a contact:

  1. Click menu and then "Contacts"
  2. Click "New"
  3. Fill in the data required
  4. Save

To save a contact from an email:

  1. Select a message from the sender or recipient that you want to add to your contacts
  2. Click on the contact's name to add
  3. When the person's business card appear, select "Add"

Creating a contact list

A contact list allows you to send an email to multiple contacts at once without having to search all contacts one by one.

To create a contact list:

  1. Click the arrow to the right of "New" then "Contacts List"
  2. Enter the "List name" and then the name of the member to add in "Add Members"
  3. Save

Edit / Delete a contact or a contact list

  • To change / delete a contact or a contact list:

    1. Select a contact or a contact list,
    2. Click "Edit" or "Delete".

    Note: Deleting the list does not remove the associated contacts if they exist in your contacts.

Folders of contacts

The folders in "My contacts" help organize the contacts. For example, if you want to consolidate all your business contacts, simply create a "Business Contacts" folder and create contacts in that folder.

To create a folder:

  1. Click the right mouse button on "My contacts" and select "New Folder"
  2. Enter a folder name
  3. Create contacts and contact lists in this folder
  4. You can change / delete / move this folder by selecting (right click on the folder name)

Will my contacts in Lotus Notes be migrated?

  • Yes
  • No

Calendar - Outlook Web Application (OWA)

Calendar application overview

Accessing the Calendar application:

  1. Click the Office 365 menu
  2. Click the Calendar icon

Application Calendar overview:

  1. The month displayed (default the current month)
  2. The different possible views (month, week, day)
  3. Details of the events of the day
  4. The calendar navigation bar

To know about migration :

Your Notes calendar event will be migrated in Office 365.

Warning: It is important to note that recurring events are not migrated correctly. It is therefore imperative not to create recurring event in either Lotus Notes or Office 365 until all Michelin users have been migrated. You will receive a communication as soon as it is possible again.

Warning: The meeting rooms will be migrated at the end of the project. This means you need to book your meeting room in Lotus Notes until the end of the deployment.

After being migrated to Office 365, you will invite people in an Office 365 event, book the meeting room in Lotus Notes, and then manually enter the name of the room in the Office 365 invitation.

If you want to organize the whole event in Lotus Notes after your migration to Office 365, know that you will not receive invitee replies in Lotus Notes. This effectively means that you can not see who has accepted or declined your event invitations.

Manage events

  • To create an event:


    Other options are available:

  2. Click "New"
  3. Add a title, location, dates and times of beginning and end
  4. Add the people to invite
  5. Send



Other options are available:

All day box (J) to block all of the day

The Private box (P) to hide the details of the event to other users

Repeat area (T) to create a recurring meeting

Recall area (R) to change the reminder time.

To create a recurring event (/!\ Not recommended until the end of the migration):

  1. Choose the desired terms of recurrence / repetition
  2. Save

To edit or delete an event:

  1. Click the calendar event
  2. Then select "Edit" or "Delete". Note: For recurring event, Outlook provides the ability to modify an occurrence or all events (R)
  3. Once the modification or cancellation done, click "Send" to inform participants

The planning wizard

To use the Scheduler Wizard:

  1. Create a new event and click "Scheduling Assistant"
  2. Add people invited and select the most appropriate schedule

To manage event-planning new proposals:

  1. When you receive a new proposal for an event, you have the opportunity to directly access the change through the email. To do this, click "Edit Event"
  2. The event opens with the list of proposals received. Click "Show Planning Assistant"
  3. Then select the new schedule you want for the event

Calendar sharing and delegation

You can share your calendar with different access level. According to level of detail you choose to share, this can range from a simple visualization of your availability to a delegation access to your calendar.

  • To share / Delegate your calendar:

  1. In the left pane of Outlook calendar, select a calendar,
  2. Under the navigation pane of Outlook Calendar, click "Share"
  3. In the "Share with", enter the email address of the recipient of sharing
  4. Once the address is entered, it is possible to specify the level of detail you want to share

Those selected will receive an email inviting them to view your calendar.

If the delegated person need to receive the invitation mails, you need to specify this in the "Option for delegated".

To access a shared calendar:

  1. If one of your contacts share his calendar with you, you receive an email. Then click "Accept"
  2. You find the calendar in "Other Calendars" and can display it next to your calendar
  3. Note: When you receive a calendar sharing of email, you can click on "Share my calendar" so that your contact have access to your calendar

Add a calendar of someone outside Michelin

If a calendar sharing has been sent to you by someone outside Michelin that uses Office 365, you receive an email with two links:

  1. Html link t hat displays the schedule for this person
  2. A link "ics" that allows you to add the schedule of this person to your calendar

Note: links "ics" are also recognized by other versions of Outlook (including Outlook 2010). So you can share your calendar with someone using Outlook 2010.



To add a calendar, from the "ics" link:

  1. Under the navigation bar, click the down arrow next to "New" and then "Add a Calendar"
  2. Select "From the Internet"
  3. Copy the link "ics", enter a name and click "Save"
  4. The Calendar is added in "Other Calendars"

Will my existing Agenda be migrated from Lotus Notes to Outlook?

  • Yes, without exception
  • Yes, with exception
  • No

Outlook 2010 (Optional)

Send emails

To create a new mail:

  1. In Outlook 2010, select "New mail"
  2. Type the recipient's email addresses in the field "To" or "CC" or "Col"- separate the different people by ";"
  3. Type the mail's subject in the appropriate field
  4. When the mail's body is complete click on "send" button


To find quickly a Michelin colleague to whom you want to send the mail, type his/her first name last name and click on "Ctrl+ k".

To answer to an email:

Below the home page or email, in Respond Group, click on Reply, Reply All or Forward.

To add an attachment:

  1. In the mail's window, below mail part, in "include" group, click on "Attach file".

To save an attachment:

  1. Click on the attached file when the mail is opened.
  2. Below the tab "Attachment tools", click on "Save as". You can also click right on the attached files, and click on "Save as".

Delete emails

To delete emails:

  1. Select the email, click on delete(tool bar) or click right on the mail.
  2. The deleted mail will go in "Deleted items".

Folders and rules


To create a new files:

  1. In the folder's zone, click right on "New folder"
  2. Type the name of the folder and "OK"

Note: You can also create subfolder by the same way.


To avoid incompatibility on rules, it's better to always create the rules as defined into the section "Emails- Outlook web application".

Instant search

To search in a folder:

  1. In the mail view, click on the folder you need to search. In the instant part, type the text you are searching.
  2. The founded items appear highlighted in yellow.
  3. To go deeper, go on the search tool, you can find more criteria to make your searching more specific.


To add a signature:

  1. Open a new mail. Under the mail part, in Include group part, click on signature, then on "Signatures…"
  2. Click on "new"
  3. Type a name for your signature
  4. Choose in which case you want it to appear

What is the main interest to use Outlook 2010?

  • Use of the more recent functionalities
  • Use a professional offline mode

How to create a delegation

  1. Click on "File" tab
  2. Click on "account settings", then
  3. "delegate access"

Click on "add"

  1. Type the name of the person who want to delegate
  2. Click on "add", the name will appear, then click on "OK"

  1. You can select different levels of permissions for different items (see below)
  2. Click if you want the person to be informed
  3. Click on "OK"

  • Reviewer: With this permission, the delegate can read items in your folders.
  • Author: With this permission, the delegate can read and create items, and change and delete items that he or she creates. For example, a delegate can create task requests and meeting requests directly in your Task or Calendar folder and then send the item on your behalf.
  • Editor: With this permission, the delegate can do everything that an Author has perimission to do and additionally can change and delete the items that you created.

Recall or replace an email message that you sent

The recall feature in Microsoft Outlook tries to stop delivery and, optionally, replace an email message that you have already sent.

To recall a message without sending a revised message, do the following:

  1. In Mail, in the Navigation Pane, click Sent Items.
  2. Open the message that you want to recall.
  3. On the Message tab, in the Move group, click Actions, and then click Recall This Message.
  4. Click Delete unread copies of this message.

Chat, online meetings - Skype for Business

Discover the Skype for Business application

Access the application Skype for Business:

  • Install "Skype for Business" (See Install and configure Office 365 on your Michelin PC"
  • To launch Skype for Business, you simply have to search "Skype for Business" in your start menu
  • Pin this program to taskbar will allow you to access it more quickly

  • When launching the application, you only need to specify your password, then click on "Connect"



Screen of Skype for Business Application:



When you point to the picture of a contact, a quick menu appears.


Bouton Message instantané rapide


To know about migration :

The Skype for Business application does not communicate with the Sametime application. You will need to use Sametime to the end of migration to perform chat with your colleagues not migrated.

Both tools can operate simultaneously on your PC Michelin without any problems.

Instant messaging (Chat)

To start an instant messaging conversation:

  • Click the Instant Messaging button, the chat window opens.

Bouton Message instantané rapide

  • You can also double-click the picture of a contact to view the chat window and start an instant messaging conversation.



  • To send a file or image you can either "Drag and drop" a file in the text entry box, or "copy and paste" a file or an image of an Office program in the text field.
  • To add more people to the conversation simply drag the contacts list in the conversation window.

Manage contacts

In Skype for Business, your contacts are online identities of the people with whom you frequently communicate. Whatever the method used, you can add these people to your contact list so that they are reachable with a single click.

Add people by name. Each contact you add is assigned to one or more of your groups of contacts.

Add a contact using the search feature:

  • Type the name in the research area of the Contacts view of the main window of Skype. Gradually, as you type, search results are displayed below the search box.

Lorsque la zone de recherche de Skype Entreprise est vide, les onglets disponibles sont Groupes, État, Relations et Nouveau.


  • When you find the person to add to the list, point to the image (or the image display area)
  • Select "Add to the contact list" and select one of your groups or Add to favorites

Online Meetings

To organize an online meeting:

  1. Open the Calendar application
  2. Create a new event
  3. Select the "Skype Meeting" menu to turn your event online meeting

Online meeting screen :



Can chat with anyone in Sametime directly from Skype for Business?

  • Yes
  • No

Storage and Sharing - OneDrive Enterprise

Discover the OneDrive Enterprise Application

OneDrive Enterprise can store, share and sync your working files, then you can access them from anywhere using a Michelin PC or a Michelin-authorized mobile device.

Access the application OneDrive Enterprise:

  1. Click the Office 365 menu
  2. Click the icon OneDrive

OneDrive Enterprise application overview:

  1. Access to your files and folders and also the one shared with you
  2. Menu of Onedrive
  3. Details of your files and folders synchronized

Good to know:

 You are allowed to store on your OneDrive only documents D3 and D2 or D1 one by one encrypted documents.

Data is maintained in OneDrive 5 years, then automatically deleted.


To upload files in OneDrive Enterprise:

  1. Select "Upload"
  2. In the dialog box, select the file and click Open.

You can also perform a "Drag and drop" the file area.

Sharing document

To share your files:

  1. Select the files you want to share
  2. Click "Share"
  3. Enter the names of people with whom you want to share selected documents
  4. Select the permissions you wish granted to these individuals
  5. Click "Share" to finish

To stop sharing files:

  1. Select the files you no longer want to share
  2. Click "Share"
  3. Go to "Shared with"
  4. Select "Stop Sharing"

What are the documents I'm allowed to post and share on OneDrive?

  • D1
  • D2
  • D3

Online editing documents - Office Online

Discover the application Office Online

Office Online gives you access to Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online and OneNote Online. These tools are in addition to following this Office 2010 on your PC.

The main advantages of Online versions of the tools you already use are:

  • Co-publishing: Working with several colleagues at the same time on the same document
  • Automatic backup in OneDrive: You'll never lose your work because your documents are saved automatically. You can also easily retrieve an earlier version of your document
  • Tools are "evergreen" and available to all: You tools are continually evolving with new features and improved performance

Access the application Office Online:

OneDrive Enterprise application overview:



Co-publishing documents

  • When you work on Office Online you can share a document bu simply clicking Share on the top right.

In Office online you can instantly collaborate with your colleagues:

  1. Share the document on which you want to work with others
  2. The person receives an email with the link to access the document
  3. Click the link to open the document and click on "Edit Document" to work on it
  4. At the top right is indicated who else is working on the document

Co-publishing is totally visual in Office 365:

  1. The other person is notified about what you change
  2. Saving is done automatically (see bottom of document for the document status)
  3. When you modify the workbook, Excel Online shows you where other people are trying to change it
  4. When you edit a presentation, PowerPoint Online shows you where other people are also changing it.

Notes: You can not rename the document or open it in Excel if it is currently opened by another person.

Do all Office users 365 have access to Office Online?

  • Yes for everyone migrated to office 365
  • Yes everyone
  • No

Must-Knows of Coexistence

A recap of the notes for the co-existence period

During the coexistence period, where Michelin has both Lotus Notes and Office 365, there will be some key challenges:

  • You must continue to use Lotus Notes to book conference rooms.
  • You must continue to use Sametime to chat with people still on Lotus Notes.
  • Repeating meetings will not translate properly between the two solutions.  To avoid issues, schedule only individual meetings until all users and conference rooms have migrated to Office 365.