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The key to being a fantastic sales person is not only to love what you are selling but to understand it.

Being able to explain the benefits, and more importantly, overcome any negative comments, will result in higher sales and instill confidence in your clients.

What is soy wax and why do we use it?

Benefits of Soy Wax

  • Soy wax is natural and contains no harmful toxins or carcinogens, pure wax taken from the soy bean.
  • Soy wax burns at a lower temperature than paraffin wax, ensuring a longer burn time and stronger scent throw
  • When used correctly, soy candles produce no soot which eliminates the black marks on candle jars, walls and windows.


What's in my candle?

At Darceys we aim to keep our products as natural as possible. The melts and candles are hand-poured and contain only two ingredients.

  1. Top Grade 100% Soy Wax
  2. Scented Oil

Although we use synthetic oils to create a wide range of scent options, we only use oils which are Nitro-Musk and Phthalate free to avoid harmful toxins and carcinogens.

If it's on your jar, it's in your lungs!

Paraffin candles have been the norm for years.

At Darceys our aim is to highlight the difference between paraffin and soy wax and allow customers to make an educated choice.

Many consumers believe that the black soot build-up on a candle is just "what candles do" but they are wrong. This build up is the soot from the paraffin which is full of harmful toxins and chemicals. 

All candles can potentially give off soot because the wick is made from cotton, if this is kept trimmed though, there should be no soot residue when using a soy candle.

Darceys wax melts and candles are made from...

  • Petrol
  • Coconuts
  • Soy Beans

What products do we offer?

Darceys Product Range

Beginning with our award winning wax melts, we have now expanded our range into 10 different products.

Small Candles
Large Candles
Room Sprays
Aroma Beads
Reed Diffusers
Shower Gel
Body Lotion
Massage Candles

Soy Wax Melts

Darceys soy melts are little blocks of scented wax designed to be used in an oil burner.

These were our flagship product and are still by far our most popular.

Our melts were originally heart shaped but a new shape was introduced in 2015 which is a square with with an embossed heart and letter D. This was implemented to cut down on small businesses passing off their melts are Darceys.  Unfortunately the new moulds used didn't work so well with soy wax so we have now reverted back to the hearts. 

Melts are hand poured and are made from Top Grade 100% Soy wax with Scented oils which are Phthalate and Nitro-Musk free. 

A box of 8 costs £4.50 however we run special packs of 4 on occasion.

Soy Wax Candles

Another item in our soy wax range is our luxury scented candles.

For those who enjoy the flicker of a flame these are ideal.

Our candles are available in two sizes to suit different burning habits.

Our small candle is 130ml and burns for up to 40 hours.  Use this candle when you'd like a candle burning for around 2 hours or more.

Our large candle is 300ml and lasts up to 90 hours.  This takes a little longer to pool and so is suited more to those who enjoy a lng burn or more than 3-4 hours.

Small candles are £8.50
Large Candles are £17.50

Flameless Range

For those customers who prefer not to burn candles but still want to have their home smelling fantastic, this range meets their needs.

Our 100ml Reed Diffusers spread the scent through 8 porous reeds.

Our 100ml Room Spray, made with an odour eliminating base, will not only hide unwanted odours, but eliminate them.

Our Scented Aroma Beads are a 20g organza bag containing scented beads. The little bags are perfect for cars, drawers and even smelly shoes. Some customers like to place them on a radiator to release the scent a bit more, however, this reduces their life span.

Reed Diffuser is £20
Room Spray is £6
Aroma Beads are £3

Body Range

New for 2017 Darceys are launching their luxury body range which includes perfume, massage candles, shower gel and body lotion.

The perfume has an oil base and comes in a handy 10ml bottle with roller ball applicator.

The shower gel and body lotion are both SLS and Paraben free which makes them great for sensitive skin and also for those who like to fake tan because it doesn't break down the tanning agent.  They come in 200ml bottles with a pump applicator.

The massage candles are 180g of pure luxury! A mix of soy wax, shea butter and cocoa butter with the addition of some fine Darceys fragrance!

Perfume is £6
Shower gel is £12.50
Body Lotion is £12.50
Massage Candle is £12

What size is Darceys large candle?

  • 300ml
  • 50ml
  • 205ml

Scent Ranges

An Introduction to Darceys Scent Ranges

At Darceys we pride ourselves on our wide range of scents allowing you, the rep, to find a scent to match each individual need.

We have 9 scent ranges altogether

  • Mr Darcey - A range of 5 Masculine scents launched in 2017
  • Fresh - A range of fresh scents including Clean Cotton, and Baby Powder
  • Fruity - A range of strong fruity scents including Coco Mango and Raspberry Lemonade
  • Occasions - A range of candles designed to be given as gifts which have a label suited to the occasion including Happy Birthday and Happy New Home
  • Vineyard - A range of scents for the wine lover including Cabernet and Zinfandel
  • Cocktails - A range of cocktail scented items including Strawberry Daiquiri and Mojito
  • Inspired by... - A range of scents inspired by Designer perfumes including Alien, Darceys No5 and Euphoria
  • Sweet - A range of super sweet scents including Pink Sugar and Doodlebug.
  • Favourites - A range of scents we have offered since our humble beginnings including Darceys all time top seller Monkey Farts

Top Seller - Monkey Farts

Monkey Farts is definitely a talking point!

When people hear the name their first thought naturally is that it won't smell very nice. This is one that you always want to have a sample of to hand because when customers smell it they immediately see the significance of the scent name with the bananas and fruits within the scent.

Monkey Farts has been Darceys top selling scent consistently for over 3 years.

Monkey Farts starts with top notes of fresh bananas and juicy grapefruit, middle notes of kiwi and juicy bubble gum.

Available in; Melts, Small Candle, Large Candle, Aroma Beads, Room Spray and Reed Diffuser.

Top Seller - Clean Cotton

Another customer favourite is our Clean Cotton scent. In fact, I'd hazard a guess that Clean Cotton is a top selling scent for most home fragrance companies, I mean who doesn't want their house smelling of fresh dried washing straight off the line?

Darceys Clean Cotton begins with top notes of kaffir lime and lemon zests; followed by middle notes of baby powder, African violet and jasmine; sitting on base notes of woods and white musk.

Available in; Melts, Small Candle, Large Candle, Aroma Beads, Room Spray and Reed Diffuser.

Top Seller - Darceys No5

One of our top features in the range is our inspired by... collection. A selection of scents that have been formulated to compare with top selling Designer fragrances.  Darceys No5 is currently the top selling inspired by... scent for Darceys, however, Alien is hot on its heels!

A gorgeous array of fresh floral ylang-ylang, rose petals and French jasmine; lovely notes of vetiver and sandalwood provides a woodsy bottom.  If you love Channel No5 perfume this scent is for you.

Available in Melts, Small Candle, Large Candle, Aroma Beads, Room Spray and Reed Diffuser

Top Seller - Cinnamon

Much like Clean Cotton, cinnamon is a well-loved favourite across the home fragrance world.

Cinnamon is a strong scent, ideal for those who like a bit of spice in their home and is especially popular around Christmas time.

Darceys Cinnamon is complimented with the addition of clove with rose and ylang-ylang

Available in Melts, Small Candle and Large Candle

Top Seller - Black Raspberry & Vanilla

Our research shows that this strong fruity scent is a first buy for a lot of our customers.  Such a luxurious and powerful scent it brings them back for more.

An enticing blend of blackberries and raspberries with middle notes of white floral greenery and bottom notes of musk and vanilla.

Available in Melts, Small Candle, Large Candle, Aroma Beads, Room Spray and Reed Diffuser

What is Darceys best selling scent?

  • Asian Pear & Lily
  • Monkey Farts
  • Coco Mango
  • Strawberry and Cream

About the Business

Darceys Story so Far

Darceys began in 2011 when CEO Jackie Dalziel decided to try her hand at making her own soy wax melts after being disappointed by what was on offer on the High Street.

Her kitchen hobby soon became a small business when friends and family wanted to purchase some for their own use.

Very soon after, Jackie realised the potential for these little heart shaped pieces of wax and joined a business accelerator programme called Entrepreneurial Spark where she received mentorship and guidance to enable her to grow and scale the business.

From one small piece of wax, Jackie has grown the product range to cover Candles, Room Sprays, Aroma Beads, Reed Diffusers and now for 2017 introducing Massage Candles, Shower Gel and Body Lotion.

At the heart of Jackie's vision is the need to "Give Back" which has led to various fund raising events held by Darceys

In 2014 the Peppered Poppies scent was introduced with the profits being donated to Combat Stress. 2015 saw a mass online party launching Darceys Christmas range with a pledge to donate 1 hot meal for the homeless to Social Bite for every £50 spent.  During the 2 hour event, Darceys raised enough to cover the cost of 528 hot meals! We recently held another online event and raised £1,000 for Cash for Kids.

Darceys Direct Selling Model

In 2013 Jackie met Clare Cameron, a former Sales Leader for Avon. Jackie had a vision for a Direct Selling Model for the business and required someone with the experience to take the business down that route.

Working together Jackie and Clare now front a high growth team of independent representatives spread throughout the UK and are now moving the business to a Multi Level Marketing Model which will allow representatives to recruit, train and support a team of their own and earn a commission based on team sales.

There are currently over 200 active representatives in the UK with plans to reach over 1000 by the end of 2017.

Darceys Awards and Recognition


  • 2012 Creative Innovation Award - Espark Sponsored by RBS
  • 2015 Most Progressed Business Award - Espark Sponsored by RBS
  • 2015 Ethical Best Practice Bronze Award - The Green Organisation
  • 2015 Shortlisted for Manufacturing Entrepreneur of the Year - Great Brittish Entrepreneur Awards
  • 2015 Merit Award for Manufacturing - Great Brittish Entrepreneur Awards
  • 2016 Ethical Best Practice Gold Award - The Green Organisational
  • 2016 Shortlisted for Best use of Social Media Award - Business Women Scotland Magazine


Darceys have also had the pleasure of being featured in a number of articles in the press including the Daily Mail Home Magazine, No1 Magazine and Vogue Magazine. 

Other Promotions:

Darceys have recently been chosen as a supplier for the Celebrity Goody bags on Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway. 

Where did Jackie begin making wax melts?

  • At Entrepeneurial Spark
  • At Work
  • At Home

Order Procedure

Turnaround Times

At Darceys all of our home fragrance products are made by hand in our artisan workshop in Kilmarnock.  Although we have a stock of products in the workshop, some products still require to be made to order. With this in mind, we advise a 7 working day turnaround for orders from the date of order until the date of dispatch.

At quieter times we may be able to get orders out quicker and when it is very busy eg. Christmas time, orders can take a little longer.

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What was Darceys Flagship Product

  • The Candle
  • The Wax Melt
  • The Reed Diffuser
  • The Body Lotion

Who is the CEO of Darceys?

What are the 3 Key Benefits of Soy Wax?

  • No Toxins
  • You can use it to clean your windows with no streaks
  • Lasts Longer and Smells Stronger
  • No Soot Residue
  • Can be used as a bath bomb

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