Project Planning Design

Exclusive event company has a challenge with the event planners who have since shown that they have difficulty in planning for events. As a training manager this course will enable you to analyze project quality and risks


Project Management

which of the following statements is not a step to be involved in development of schedule and cost baseline

In analyzing the project quality and risks the learner should have started with developing the schedule and cost baseline where according to Elizabeth and Richard Larson 10 steps to Creating a Project Plan ( there are several steps that need to be followed which are:

  • Identifying activities and tasks needed to produce packages for each week to create a work break down of tasks
  • Identification for resources for each task
  • Estimating how long it will take to finish each task
  • Estimating the cost of each task, using an hourly rate for each resource
  • Taking into consideration the constraints how much time can be realistically devoted to the project
  • Determining which tasks are dependent on others and develop a critical path
  • Developing a schedule of all tasks and estimates, Gantt chart indicating how much time each resource is spent on each task and which should be done first
  • Developing the cost baseline (budget).

These activities will be done over a period of time and may be repeating.

In embarking on this it is important to note that the end product meets the customer specifications and that it is what the sponsor and other key people will want to use. It is therefore very important that mistakes are avoided at all cost to meet the quality that is expected and that inspections should not be done at the end. Quality should be performed throughout the project and it is the management’s responsibility to ensure that quality is recognized.  

Setting standards, accepting criteria and metrics that are to be used throughout the project are entailed in creating the quality plan. This plan will then become the foundation for all the quality reviews and inspections performed during the project and throughout the execution of the project.

It also crucial to note that there is need to assess for risks and developing risk management plan to understand and communicate how the team will respond to the high risk events.

  • no need to identify resources for each task
  • identify resources for each task
  • determine which tasks are dependent on other task and develop critical path
  • consider resource constraints or how much time each resource can realistically be devoted to this project

project management

how would you ensure that the end products meets the customer specifications at the end of the project?