In here you can see the tourist in the ifugao.

images and descripton

kiangan memorial shrine

  • Built in 1974
  • this  was constructed in memory of the heroism of soldiers during World War"

imbuliklik rock

  • Located in kiangan ifuago
  • Measures 22 meters and located near the nagacadan rice terracess

bogyah hot spring

  •  located in the middle of Barangays Hapao and Baang.
  • It is best to visit the Bogyah Hot Spring around 6 to 7 AM as the cool morning breeze is a perfect combination for the hot spring.
  • You can buy supplies like snacks or drinks at the Balenga Residence sari-sari store at the road on Hapao. Please keep your trash until you can throw it in proper disposal bins.
  • Only Globe has a signal in Hungduan. There no Smart and Sun Cellular signals there.

Mount Napulawan

  •  located in the municipality of Hungduan, Ifugao.
  •   very accessible to mountain trekkers. 
  • The thick tropical rain forest and its rare flora fascinate conquerors of this peak.
  • Trees near the peak are unusually short.
  •  height of 2,642+ MASL and LLA: 16°50′N, 121°10′E, 2642 MASL (#15; 1580m gain)Hours to summit / Days required: 9 hours / 2-3 days
  • the memory of Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita, the “Tiger of Malaya” who sought refuge in its slopes

Tappiyah Water falls

  • Located at banaue ifugao
  • It is enormous natural pool for swimming
  • The massive river falling from its apex, around 30 meters in height
  • The streams of the mountains convened together to create gigantic spring of water
  • it creates a booming sound

nahtoban cave

  • The cave is much larger than Bintakan Cave. 
  • It has a descending entrance with four rooms but there are still other rooms unexplored.
  •  It islocated at Boliwong, Lagawe, about 4 kilometers hike from the Poblacion passingthrough trails. Huge quantities of guano are found in the cave.

Guihob natural pool

  • A four-kilometer drive from Banaue, Poblacion
  • The water comes directly from the mountain
  • They have cottages and tents for hire, you can also cook there
  • It's good for indoor activities
  • It is a perfect place for those who prefer a cool and refreshing swim.

which is which

  • imbuliklik rock
  • nahtoban cave

whats the name of the picture

  • Bogyah hot spring


Which answer is the same in the choices

Match the correct answer

  • has a descending entrance with four rooms
    Nahtoban cave
  • It's good for indoor activities
    Guihob Natural pool
  • located in the middle of Barangays Hapao and Baang
    bogyah hot spring
  • Built in 1974
    kiangan memorial shrine
  • it has a enormous natural pool for swimming.
    Tappiyah Water falls
  • Gen. Yamashita, the "Tiger of Malaya" put up his last stand against the Filipino and American forces
    Mount Napulawan