Understanding Inventory

In this segment you will learn about inventory at RV One Superstores.

Inventory numbers are designed to provide you with information to help determine what the unit is and where it is located.

The first letter of the in the inventory designation indicates where the unit is located.

A is for Albany RV

B is for Buffalo RV

D is for Des Moines RV

FL is for Orlando RV

T is for Tampa RV

Which store does the following vehicle reside? FLT54135

  • Albany
  • Buffalo
  • Des Moines
  • Florida
  • Orlando
  • Tampa

The second or second and third letters designate what type of unit this is.

M is for New Motorized

T is for New Towable

UM is for Used Motorized

UT is for Used Towable

C is for Consignment followed by UM or UT

MV is or Misc. Vehicle

What type of unit does FLT indicate?

FLT is a

  • used unit.