Project Management 110

This course was design to expand and enhance your project management skills. We delve a little bit deeper into project management and consider various tools and mechanisms to make you stint and Project Manager your most successful.

Composing project evaluation reports and reporting techniques

Refer to Module 1 Assignment 1. Use the same project and draw a report of atleast 5 objectives vs outcomesent question

Defining the scope of a Project

1. Give an example of a previous project and list the 7 components.

2. Identify if there was a “scope creep” that filtered into the project.

3. Take the 7 components identified in question 1 and state the correct resource next to it.

300 Word Question - Is Scope Creep beneficial to the client

  • No, the cost of scope creeping is unplanned
  • Yes, scope creep enhances the project
  • Yes, scope creep is always planned
  • No, scope creep is not a factor in projects

Untitled scenario question