Facilitation Guide - Brique


The purpose and goal of this module is to begin getting to know each other, as well as learn about the Benefit Solutions Division (BSD).


8 hours


Today you will learn more about your facilitator, fellow training participants and the Benefit Solutions Division (BSD).

The goal for today is to have a basic understanding of how you and your new team “fit in” to the “big picture” that is BSD.


Headphones (you will receive this from your trainer)

For music, minimize the remote access toolbar

Copy of the Producer Reference Guide (you will receive this from your trainer)

Day 1



  • Welcome Participants
  • Introduce yourself and your background to establish credibility
  • Explain your role as facilitator

Mentor (if necessary)

  • Introduce yourself and your background to establish credibility
  • Explain your role as mentor

Ice Breaker – 15 minutes


  • Format of ice breaker is “Trainer’s Choice”
  • Trainer can consider having a “bucket” of ice breakers for participants to choose from

Ice Breaker Ideas Separate Document

Classroom Expectations – 15 minutes

  • Discuss classroom expectations
  • Use of electronic devices not permitted without special permission
  • Side conversations not allowed
  • One person speaking at a time
  • Respect opinions
  • Open discussions
  • Using Fist of Five concept vote to adopt the posted expectations
  • Next, establish lunch schedule – post on whiteboard
  • Explain that there will be two scheduled breaks – one AM/one PM, however, participants should feel free to excuse themselves if necessary
  • Gain consensus again using Fist of Five
  • If participant must call in – they must contact their supervisor
  • A courtesy call to the trainer is also required
  • Trainer will determine break schedule

Fist of Five - Define

  • Voting technique
  • Used at decision points to reach consensus
  • If someone is a 1 or 2 – stop and discuss, then revote

Housekeeping – 30 minutes (Add tour)

Parking Lot

  • Facilitator will explain the process for maintaining a Parking Lot for questions as they arise throughout the course of the class. It is recommended that participants write questions on post-it notes then place the questions on either a flip chart or blank wall. The facilitator should periodically check the post-it notes to ensure all questions are addressed.        
  • Another parking lot option is to have participants place the post-it notes on the back of his/her computer monitor.

Add Printer

Participant Guide and Agenda – 15 minutes

  • Ask participants to access the Participant Guide
  • Explain that this workbook is what you will reference during class
  • View the Agenda and Table of Contents within the Participant Guide
  • Refer participants to the Graphic Cues page
  • If additional time is needed on some topics more than others, the trainer will make the necessary adjustments
  • It is not necessary for participants to memorize Graphic Cues

Additional Notes

  • May need cash after lunch; Need ID Badge
  • Let participants know that you will be taking them on a “field trip” after lunch, which includes a stop at Outtakes and Starbucks.

Assessment Tasks

  • Product Assessment on Day 7
  • Explain that the first part of class will be spent learning about the Group Insurance products sold by BSD.
  • There will be an assessment on Day 7 about the products.        
  • Participants are encouraged to use all available resources

Systems Check

System Check - This can be moved to the end of week 1 to allow adequate time for new systems to be loaded

2 Hours

Using the checklist, walk participants through the log on and log off for each system, application, database

Explain that the purpose of this activity is not to learn the system – that will be covered later in training

Note any system issues and refer them for handling

If system issues occur, you will need to follow up with the participant(s) later to see if the issue(s) is fixed

See GPS Systems Checklist on following page


Farrah handles only the following: Compass, GFS, GSAP, Regional Email Boxes, GPES Support Procedures, FLOW, Renaissance, BFC, GAD, CCPulse, Commission Site, Revision

Number to Help Desk is 4357 (HELP)

Confluence Document - Mapping to a Network Drive (GPS)

GPS Systems Checklist

Organization Overview

Trainer's Choice

Acumen Learning Library


Terms and Abbreviations