Maintenance Control Manual

Please make sure you have read the Maintenance Control Manual prior to attempting this quiz


Where does the MCM Live?

  • On the Lunch Room Table
  • In Air Maestro
  • In the Operations Manual
  • In the Maintenance Controllers Office

What is the current Version of the CareFlight MCM?

  • Version 03.01
  • Version 03.02
  • Version 04.02
  • Version 04.02

What is the CareFlight Vision

  • To be the first choice charity and air medical evacuation organisation
  • To save lives and serve the community through the provision of rapid response critical care
  • We promote best practice in safety, education, innovation and sustainability. We challenge ourselves daily.
  • We accept that we must treat everyone with respect. We acknowledge and value each other’s contribution in achieving our mission

The MCM Must be read in conjunction with:

  • System(s) of Maintenance
  • Minimum Equipment List(s)
  • Reliability Program(s)
  • Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO)
  • All of the above
Mark all that are correct


Match the Maintenance Controllers to their Primary Aircraft Types

  • Marcus Goldston
    Primary MC - AW139, Bell 412
  • Roger Keuning
    Primary MC - BK117, Bell 230

Who is the Accountable Manager?

  • Maintenance Controller
  • Group Airworthiness Manager
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Engineering Manager

Who is responsible for the administration and control of the continuing airworthiness of the CareFlight Group Limited fleet?

  • Maintenance Controller
  • Engineering Manager
  • CEO

Continuing Airworthiness

What does EMP mean?

  • Electronic Maintenance Program
  • Electronic Manual Program
  • Energy Manipulating Performance
  • Engine Management Program

Corrections and Omisions

  • The correction of data errors or adjustments is achieved by using a single line through the error/adjustment and initialing. Annotate the corrected data adjacent to the lined error.
  • The use of correction fluid such as "white out" is permitted

In which section of the Aircraft Log Book will you find the Log Book Statement?

  • Section 1
  • Section 2
  • Section 3
  • Section 4

Which of these documents make up  the Maintenance Release

  • Maintenance Release Details Form (MR)
  • Minimum Equipment List (MEL)
  • Deferred Defect Log (DDL)
  • Flight and Certification Log (FCL)
  • Maintenance Forecast Report (Due List)
  • All of the above

How is the Maintenance Release Number generated?

  • Aircraft Registration/FCL number
  • Generated automatically on the MR
  • Issued by Tech Services on completion of the Maintenance Release Inspection

When is an Independent Inspection required for CareFlight Group Limited aicraft?

  • When any flight control is disturbed in the course of maintenance.
  • When any flight control is disturbed in the course of maintenance, when fluid and air lines and/or components of fuel systems, engine control systems, hook and hoist systems and rotating dynamic components have been adjusted, repaired, replaced or modified.
  • When an inspection panel is replaced after a maintenance event
  • At the discretion of the certifying LAME

An Independent Inspection is to verify what?

  • Correct installation, security, locking and operation of systems and components of the affected system.
  • Correct procedure was followed during the course of maintenance.
  • Correct certification of paperwork including parts used was followed in accordance with the CareFlight MCM.
  • All of the above

Which of the following constitute a Major Defect

  • Primary Structure Failure
  • Control System Failure
  • Lightning Strike
  • Fire
  • Bird Strike
  • Engine Structural Failure
Select more than one

Are CareFlight Group Limited Pilots allowed to perform maintenance on CFG aircraft

  • Yes
  • No
  • Class B Aircraft Only

Where defect rectification or modification requires the use of a CASR Part 21 approved design or STC, Who is responsible for all aspects of this approval?

  • Maintenance Controller
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Technical Services Engineer
  • LAME Certifying or Carrying out the Repair or Modification