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Definition of Project Team Members

Discuss the purpose of Project Team Members?

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How many Project Team Members are there?

Start writing here: Firstly in a project team members consist of a process which is has five basic steps.The defining of a project starts with a basic idea which will formulated over time.Conceiving this idea it takes a process of evaluating and assessing. Planning the project it vital to divide the contents into work unit or module unit each having their own learning outcome.This will help that the learners to receive the knowledge required to achieve the require outcome.With projects you need to understand the objection of the goal.This requires to formulate a team to be able to deligate responsibilities and task that is efficient and knowledgable. Training programme designers will brief the team including the stakeholders to gain feedback involving the design development for the purpose of the learners. Vital to all projects is the implementation, such as the I L D F(Integrative Learning Design Framework) which consist of four phases (exploration, enactment, evaluation and reflection).The outcome of this will be base on the needs of the learners, more experienced individuals and not excluding the input from the trainer as well.It is also vital to have the proper support system in place , to aid in any development issues in designing a proper programme .The evaluation by the trainer will assess the usability ,validity and relevance of the design of the programme .Also to help assess training needs of the learner to estimate the progress of the findings.Formative assessment to judge the strength and the weakness of the programme for the purpose intended.

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