Copyright questions and case studies


Susan has access to Asian News and her colleague John does not. John finds their information really useful and asks to borrow Susan's user ID and password. Is Susan allowed to give these to him?

  • Yes - both are part of the same organisation so it is ok to share user IDs and passwords.
  • No - user IDsĀ and passwords should never be shared as this breaches our contract with publishers.
  • In certain circumstances we are allowed to share e.g. if we work for the same department.

Henry subscribes to B Steel Research. They have some really useful data in their research which he thinks adds value to his report. He decides to publish their data in his report without getting permission from B Steel Research. Can he do this?

  • Yes - CRU reports are not publicly available so B Steel Research will never know
  • No - we cannot publish without permission
  • In certain circumstances - e.g. if it is a tiny proportion of the data