Ergonomics أرغونومكس

Who Should Attend:  This course is ideal for safety and health professionals, engineers, risk managers, human resource personnel, and managers and supervisors.


Course Duration:  5 days instruction at 6 hours per day (30 total hours)


Course Description:

Occupational injuries of the lower back and the upper extremities are prevalent in many industries throughout the world, resulting in enormous human and economic costs.  This course will introduce the area of industrial ergonomics and how it can be used to reduce the number of incidents and cost of these injuries.  Job analysis techniques will be presented to develop the skills of identifying and evaluating risk factors at the workplace.  Video-based case studies from various industrial environments will be used to apply the acquired skills.

This course will also cover office ergonomics.  The focus will be on acquiring the skills for identifying common risk factors, devising proper design layout in the office environment, and selecting appropriate office furniture and computer input devices (keyboards, mice, trackballs, etc.).