Clinical Assist elearn

System set up and client preparation

Set up

Ensure equipment is plugged into desktop and working (listening check)

Bring Client in.

Seat client so clinician gets a good view.

Introduce the clinician to the client

When do you bring the client in?

Clients are to introduced to the after bring into the office.

Placement of Headphones/Bone conductor/Inserts for testing


Correct placement of transducers

Consequences of incorrect placement

If placement of headphones are incorrect

  • You proceed and fix later
  • Check position and correct prior to proceeding


Demonstration to Client

Demonstrating styles of aids.

  1. Level 1

  2. Level 2

  3. Level 3

Revision of connection moulds, receivers, domes.

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  • Domes
    Small plastic bell-shaped piece at the end of the tube
  • Receivers
    Speaker which sends sound into the ear