CAC Dropbox

By the end of this module you will have an understanding of how to use the CAC Dropbox, including:

  1. Your role as a user
  2. Policies and procedures
  3. How to log in
  4. How to navigate folders
  5. How to download files
  6. How to upload files 
  7. How to share files or folders
  8. How to give someone with or without a Dropbox account access to upload to the CAC Dropbox

By the end of this module you will have an understanding of how to use the CAC Dropbox.

Your role as a CAC Dropbox user

CAC purchases business licenses for its staff and agency team members for use on its behalf. Access to the CAC Dropbox is a courtesy and allows team members to collaborate on and share large files in a central location.

Your account should only be used for CAC business - the files you upload take away from our total account storage space.

You are provided access via the CAC Dropbox team administrator (Zac Benedict). Once access to the CAC Dropbox is provided, you will create a login that will be unique to your agency/team and will be assigned to a point person under your email domain (example The point person you assign is responsible for ensuring that the other users on your internal team are using the CAC Dropbox responsibly.

That point person will then create a password and can share it with the appropriate members on their team. This person should keep in mind that they are responsible for their account – so only share login password information with the relevant members of your internal team. This login information should be kept confidential and transmitted securely.

Note: Because CAC will not have the username and password for your account, you are responsible for keeping that information on file. If you need a password manager, try 1Password or KeePass.

Should staffing change on your end (within your agency team), the point person is responsible for delegating access to another team member and maintaining team access during transitional periods.

CAC Dropbox Policies and Procedures

The CAC Dropbox policies and procedures are simple and can be summed up in five points:

  1. CAC Staff permission is required to delete files. The only exception to this rule is if you are uploading files and you upload the incorrect file or version
  2. Sync’ing files to the desktop via the Dropbox helper app – If using the desktop application, utilize Selective Sync as the CAC Dropbox is over 1 TB and growing. When sync’ing files to your desktop, whatever changes you make to the Dropbox on your desktop are reflected on the Dropbox account. This includes: deletions, renaming and uploads. For deletion rules, see bullet #1 above
  3. File uploads – the CAC Dropbox is for California Avocado Commission working and final files only. Do not use the CAC Dropbox for other clients or internal agency use
  4. Point person staffing changes – Should staffing change on your end (within your agency team), the point person is responsible for delegating access to another team member and maintaining team access during transitional periods before their departure
  5. Accidents – Accidents happen. If you delete something or think you may have done something wrong, contact your CAC Staff liaison or Zac ASAP

How to Log In

Logging into the CAC Dropbox account is easy. See below for instructions:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your username/email address and password

Need access to the CAC Dropbox? Email Zac Benedict.

How to Navigate Folders

As a CAC Dropbox user you are granted access to the following folders and navigating them is easy.

See below for an explanation of each:

1.  CAC Assets (Non-Marketing) – Non-marketing files are stored here, which can include files hosted for the CAC Board of Directors, meeting files etc.

2.  CAC Event Photos – Event photos are stored here. When uploading files, please store them in the appropriate fiscal year subfolder (example 2014-15). Within each fiscal year subfolder are folders for Industry Affairs or Marketing. Within the department folders are subfolders for each event. If a folder does not exist for the photos you are trying to upload, create a new folder with a descriptive name (example: FitBloggin Lunch 2015)

3.  CAC Meeting Agendas and Schedules – Meeting agendas and schedules are stored here. Schedules include the CAC Holiday Schedule, CAC Board Meeting Schedule and CAC Marketing Team Schedule as well as information on the Hass Avocado Board Schedules

4.  CAC Planning – Planning files are stored here and may include working files, files for planning meetings and more

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How to Navigate Folders (Continued)

5.  Marketing Assets – All marketing assets are stored here. This folder contains everything from Logos to Business Plans and should be utilized for storing Marketing files

6.  Marketing Reporting – Marketing reporting files are stored here. When drafting content for the GreenSheet utilize the standard template for outlines. Also upload images to: Marketing Reporting/GreenSheet/Temporary 

7.  Marketing Research – Research is stored here including research from the Hass Avocado Board

8.  Recipes & Recipe Photos – Recipes and recipe photos are stored here. Reference the recipes & recipe photography module for recipe procedures and saving instructions 

9.  Your Agency Folder – Store files from your agency/team here. Organization of this folder is up to you. Once files are complete and/or finalized you can move them to /Marketing Assets/ or the appropriate final resting place for the data

10.  NOTE:  The “Incoming” folders are for files that agencies upload for CAC. Files that CAC is uploading for agencies always go in the “Outgoing” folder

How to Download Files

Downloading files from the CAC Dropbox is easy. From

  1. Navigate to the file or folder you want to download
  2. Select the file or folder by right clicking it
  3. Select Download
  4. Your download begins

How to Upload Files

Uploading files to the CAC Dropbox is easy. From

1.  Navigate to the file or folder where you want to upload

  • If a new folder is needed, select New Folder from the menu bar near the search field
  • Rename the New Folder to whatever you like
  • Click the New Folder to open it

2.  Select Upload from the menu bar near the search field

3.  Select Choose files

4.  Locate the files on your desktop and click Open

  • Alternatively, you may also upload via drag and drop. To upload via drag and drop, drag files or folders directly to the window after completing Step #1

5.  The files begin to upload

How to Share Files or Folders

Giving someone (with or without a Dropbox account) read-only access to download a file or folder is easy. From

  1. Navigate to the file or folder you want to share
  2. Select Share link… near the menu bar or the Share button from the file preview menu
  3. A Link to file is generated
  4. Copy the link and paste it into communication to the person you are looking to send the file or folder link to

Note: Dropbox will always create a jargon’d link, with a string of unreadable characters after  – this is how you know you created your link properly. If you are copying a link from the URL field of your browser, your link will likely contain readable text after the trailing forward slash – this is how you know your link was pulled incorrectly. Need more help? Reference How do I link to a file or folder on

How to Give Someone With or Without a Dropbox Account Access to Upload to the CAC Dropbox

If you need to arrange upload access for a vendor, photographer or other partner, please utilize Dropbox’s File Requests feature.

This will allow someone to securely upload files to a specific folder you determine without signing in or installing any software. You can access the uploaded files in your Dropbox account by navigating to the folder you determined during the File Request setup process. 

Never provide your password to a vendor, photographer or other partner.

What kinds of files are acceptable for storage on the CAC Dropbox?

  • All files I create or work on
  • All CAC files I create or work on
  • Any file I can think of
  • Any file my agency needs to send to someone

Select the true and correct scenario below:

  • I might have deleted or messed something up. I hope nobody notices
  • Somebody needs to upload a file to me, I’ll just give them my Dropbox login and password so they can share it with me
  • I need to send a file to George. I’ll just copy the Dropbox URL from the browser address bar and send it to him
  • Oops I deleted a file I wasn’t supposed to. I’ll call CAC and let them know

If you need a place for a vendor or photographer to upload a file, the correct procedure is to:

  • Send them your Dropbox login information
  • Send them a limited-access File Request link
  • Have them create a Dropbox account of their own and send it that way
  • Let them borrow your computer

When sync’ing files to the desktop via the Dropbox desktop app (select the correct procedure):

  • Sync the entire Dropbox and delete whatever you don’t need
  • Sync the entire Dropbox, move the files you need to your desktop and then uninstall Dropbox
  • Set up Selective Sync and sync the files/folders you need to your computer
  • Set up Selective Sync and then move the files/folders you need to your desktop

As the point person for my team or agency, it is my responsibility to:

  • Ensure that the CAC Dropbox is utilized properly and that login information is transmitted to my other team members securely
  • Alert CAC if I notice something strange
  • Upload all finalized project files as projects are completed
  • Notify CAC if I accidentally delete something
  • All of the above

Contact Information:

Questions? Contact Zac Benedict at or at 949-341-1955 x125