Unit 2 Ancient Islam Practice Assessment

Practice Assessment


  • They had similar sacred writings.
    Why did Muslims call Christians and Jews "People of the Book"
  • Why did Muhammad and his followers migrate to Yathrib?
    They were persecuted in Mecca.
  • Which of the following best describes Muhammad?
    He was religious, military, and political leader.
  • According to Muslims, Muhammad founded Islam after he_____.
    received revelations from the angel Gabriel
  • Which statement summarizes the common beliefs of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam?
    All three religions share a belief in the existence of heaven and hell and their descent from Abraham.

Fill in the blank

In addition to the Five Pillars of Islam, which of the following is an Islamic practice that affects the

daily lives of Muslims? making a  

The is system of laws taken from the Qur'an and Sunnah.

The  is the major influence on Muslims' lives.

the shows Muslims how to live their faith through Muhammad's example.




Fill in the Blank 2

The impact of introducing as the language of government for all Muslim lands was so people throughout the empire could communicate with one another.

The Abisid policy of inclusion, including people such as Christians and Jews, helped create then Empire’s Golden Age because the most people were able to participate in government and cultural life.

By the time of his death in 632, Muhammad had used both diplomacy and military force to spread to most of the Arabian Peninsula.

The first caliphs begin a military conquest of other regions to spread the religion of .

Fill in the Blanks 3

The pilgrimage to Mecca help unify the Muslim Empire people from all over the empire shared their .

The use of images on buildings is not a contribution to Muslim art.

 were one important element that made Cordoba a major cultural center.

was a contribution of Muslim Scholars.

Al-khwarizmi's study, entitled Hisab al-jabr, became the basis of  .

The House of Wisdom in Baghdad gave access to thousands of books from all over the world.

 was Muslims' greatest contribution to western civilization?