Training Guide for Resource Persons and Facilitators on Public Land Titling

This Guide is a reference for speakers (resource persons) and facilitators who will capacitate DENR land management officers and land investigators, and local government personnel on public land titling. It consists of a set of topics relevant to the subject of public land titling, which are arranged in modules. 

This Guide is prepared by the Land Management Bureau and the Foundation for Economic Freedom, with the support of the Australian Embassy - The Asia Foundation Partnership in the Philippines. 

MODULE 1 Introduction to Land Titling


1. Facilitator asks the participants if they have some questions about titling of lands. S/he then gives instruction to write their question on an idea card following these rules:

a) One (1) question per idea card

b) 5-7 words per question

c) Write big

2. Facilitator gets the idea card with question, reads the questions and posts them on the board.

3. Facilitator tells the participants that their questions will be answered at the end of the lecture.

4. Facilitator introduces the Resource Person

Materials needed: permanent marker pen, idea card, masking tape, white board (where the idea cards should be posted)





1. What is the estimated area (percentage) of land classified as Agricultural?

2. What agency is involved in surveying and issuance of patents/titles to public lands?

3. What agency is involved in registering patents/titles? 

4. What agency issues tax declarations, tax assessment, and zoning ordinances?

5. What agency implements the Agrarian Reform Law?




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