SMART Hive Hub & Bulb Installation Trial

You have been selected to take part in this exciting new trial which will test our customers appetite for Hive Active Heating after they already have some Hive connected devices, which you will install.

1 - Important Information - Click here to learn about the trial

Overview of the trial and steps

How long after having had the hub and bulb activated by the SEE, will the customer will be contacted and offered Hive Active Heating at a preferential hubless rate.

  • After 48 hours.
  • After 72 hours the

2 - Creating The Customers Account - Click here to learn more

Creating The Customers Account Video

Have you understood this section?

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3 - The Hive Hub - Click here to learn more

Installing the Hive Hub Video

The Hive hub is made up of 3 components;

  • The Nano 2 Hub
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Power Supply
  1. Plug the ethernet cable into the customers broadband router, make sure this is connected into a yellow LAN port and the other end into the Hive Hub
  2. Next plug the power cable into the Hive Hub and the other end of the Power cable in to the Power Supply and switch on.
  3. The top light on the Hive Hub will start to flash green at a fast rate, this indicates that the hub is connecting to the internet. Helpful tip -The recommended speed of the customers internet is minimum 5-7Mbps when installing Hive hub initially.
  4. Once connected, the green light will start to flash slowly.  This indicates that the hub is starting to download the required updates. This should take 5-10 minuets but can take up to one hour depending on the speed of the customers internet.
  5. A solid green light indicates the hub has been successfully updated and is connected to the internet. During 1st installation the hub will show a solid green light and flashing amber light.  This indicates that the hub is ready to connect to the customer’s account and is ready to connect other Hive products to the Hub.

What colour will the hub flash when it is downloading updates?

  • Fast green flash
  • Slow green flash
  • Amber flash
  • Red flash

Which statement is correct

  • Customer must have a spare ethernet (LAN) port in their broadband router for the hive hub to be connected to.
  • Customer must have a spare broadband router for the hive hub to be connected to

4 - The Hive Active Light - Click here to learn more

Installing a Hive Active Light Video

  1. Sign into customer app.
  2. Go to Menu
  3. Select Install Devices
  4. Select add Another Device
  5. Turn off the light switch
  6. Fit the light Bulb
  7. Turn the light on
  8. The light will do a double flash, this indicates that the light is searching for the hub.
  9. The light will then do a single flash to indicate that the light has found the hub and is connected.
  10. Once connected, the hive app will show the device and provide the option to  rename the device.
  11. The bulb icon should then appear in the dashboard. However if this does not appear then tap "Add+"  on the dashboard and you will be able to place the device on the dashboard.

5 - Quiz

Which of these customers would not be suitable for the trial?

  • Tenant
  • Existing British Gas customer
  • Vulnerable Customer
  • Existing Hive Customer

What light(s) will you see on the Hive Hub when it is ready to pair?

  • Solid Green
  • Flashing Green and Amber
  • Solid Green and Flashing Amber
  • Solid Red

On completion of the install and on leaving the customers home what should the SEE do?

  • SEE completes a call to the customer to check they are hapy
  • SEE completes the Trial Log to capture the installation outcome

What will the Hive active light do once it is turned on for the first time?

  • It will Flash constantly until paired
  • It will Flash twice
  • Nothing it will just turn on full brightness

When should the SEE stop offering this to customers?

  • SEE Continues to offer to customers until their Hive Hub stock is used
  • SEE Continues to offer to customers for a few weeks
  • SEE Continues to offer to customers then borrow more from friends van stock