Shoe Stretching


We are excited about shoe stretching!  This course will teach you about the shoe stretching service that is available to your customers in each store.  You will learn about what tools you should have, how to use them properly, gain ideas on when to suggest this service to your customers and know where to order if you are missing a tool or one has broken. 

What is Shoe Stretching?

Shoe stretching explained

Shoe stretching is a complimentary service to help mold the right fit for the customer.

It begins the process of stretching, but the stretching continues with wear.

Before offering this service keep in mind…

  • Suggesting a size up if the shoe feels too small.
  • Explaining that the shoe will stretch with wear.

How to Use the Tools

Each tool works for different areas of the shoe...

  1. Determine which tool to use for the customer’s specific request. 
  2. Insert the stretching tool into the shoe and turn the handle clockwise until the stretcher has expanded against the sides of the shoe.
    1. Note: To stretch specific spots, remember to use the corn / bunion attachment.
  3. Slowly turn the handle clockwise but not more than two turns.
  4. Leave in the shoe for 24-48 hours.
  5. For quicker results, the stretching solution can be applied.  The solution is used in addition to the stretching tools.
    1. Note: For lighter leathers and non leather materials, the solution may stain the outside of the shoe.  It is recommended to cover the tool with a ped and spray the solution directly onto the ped.  The solution will then only hit the inside of the shoe.

The Customer Process and Best Practices

Customer Process

  1. Ask where they would like to have the shoe stretched. 
  2. Gather the following information. Each shoe box must have this information attached...
    1. Customer Name
    2. Customer Contact Info
    3. Date of pick up
    4. Where the shoe should be stretched
  3. Bring the shoes to BOH and insert the correct tool to begin the stretching.
  4. Designate a specific area to keep all shoe stretching supplies / shoes.
  5. Ask the customer to try on the shoes prior to taking them home.
  6.  More best practices can be found in the supplement on CHC, under Retail Training - Product Knowledge - Core Product Knowledge.

When to suggest shoe stretching...

How to Order


If you are missing any tools or need to replace broken tools, you can order via Orderline.


Your username and password are: CH(store #)

  • Example: CH128

*You can find a full list of items and sku #'s in the supplement posted in CHC in Retail Training - Product Knowledge - Core Product Knowledge.

Are You Ready to Offer this Service? - Quiz yourself

Untitled statement question

  • The side stretcher is used to stretch the tongue of the shoe.
  • A ped put over the shoe stretching tool is a best practice for using the stretching solution.
  • It is better to not stretch too much the first time around.
  • There is only one size of each tool available.
  • Shoe stretching is a complimentary service.