Project Management 101

Learn the ins and outs of Project Management.Aquire skills and gain optimal knowledge.for this course.Certified accreditation offered.

Define Project Management

Choose the correct resource when applying skills for project management

Resources are the means we use to achieve project objectives. The main resource is to empower persons with the applicable skills and competencies. The other main grouping of resources we need include capital, services, equipment, material and effective budget construction for a project. Resources are usually people included in your project plan, and in most cases include the task that are assigned to them.A resource could also contain anything that is used to complete a project, including, equipment and other materials.The diverse types and amounts of resources must be allocated to the project as needed to perform the activities effectively.

  • Empower self with skills relevant to project management
  • Empower persons with applicable skills
  • Judging criteria for budget planning
  • Planning and identifying resources effectively