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Here you will learn all the ins and outs of Dealersocket, Mobile CRM, and the Internet Process. 

Get to Know Dealersocket


Dealersocket CRM

Dealersocket CRM is the hub where we perform all of our customer management. It also pushes and pulls data from our DMS which is CDK. Dealersocket is ran based on Customer info, where the DMS runs off of vehicle info, that will help you to understand how to search for information within Dealersocket.

Main Page

Sales Employee Dashboard

What is the main purpose of the employee dashboard?

  • To properly manage customer database in creating customer loyalty
  • Just to create work for the day
  • Create reminders for workflow
  • To keep track of customers

Employee Dashboard Video

Employee Dashboard

Employee Dashboard houses all of the customers you have touched. It is your task list for the day, and it is also a way for you to keep track of any open events. You can see how to use click to call, how to text, and how to select email templates. 

Mobile Sales

Sales Mobile

Dealersocket Sales App

Dealersocket Sales App is a very efficient way for salesman to use dealersocket in a more simplified manner.

There are some key things that you are able to do within the app. 

  • Scan customer VINS
  • Scan Drivers License's
  • Complete Tasks
  • Text
  • Email
  • As well as use click to call. 

Through this video you can see how to scan a customer in, see the click to call functionality, as well as socket talk. All of of those tools count towards sales daily tasks as well. 

Scanning Trade

Scan the Trade

Within the app you scan the VIN to the customer's trade. Generally located on the door of the drivers side.

Save and Push to Redbumper

Pushing the Trade to Redbumper

There are some key things you need to add to the Trade when getting ready to push it through to Redbumper. 

  1. Correct Miles
  2. Payoff if known.
  3. Color. 
  4. Press Save
  5. Then press Thirdparty share
  6. Select Redbumper.


Common Terminology


Business Development Center.

A call center staffed with Customer Service Representatives responsible for sales and service at every customer touch point.


Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle.

A used vehicle that has gone through a rigorous inspection and meets high standards defined by the manufacturer.


Customer Relationship Management.

Describes a company-wide business strategy including BDC as well as other departments. It is also a computer program that manages customer data.


Vehicle Theft Registration.


Vehicle Identification Number.

It is always 17 total mix of letters and numbers. No vehicles will have the same VIN.


Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price.

Retail price is the same thing as MSRP in Dealer Daily.


Annual Percentage Rate.

That is an interest rate when purchasing a vehicle. 

Residual Rate

Residual Rate is what a customer purchases the vehicle for at the end of their lease term.

Money Factor

money factor is the alternative method of presenting the amount of interest charged on a lease with monthly payments. 

A money factor can be translated into the more common annual percentage rate (APR) interest by multiplying the money factor by 2,400. Example money factor of 0.0001 would be 0.24% interest


Actual Cash Value.

That is what a trade vehicle is actually worth.

CDK Lot Management

Here you can see used vehicle inventory as well as input trade vehicle information. May hear it referred to as Red Bumper as well.

Dealer Daily

This shows us all of our new vehicle inventory, as well as inventory at other Dealerships in our Denver Region.

Fresh Up Follow Up

Fresh Up Follow Up is a call made by the Client Care Specialist after a customer has visited the dealership and did not purchase. 

The purpose of this call is to see how the visit went and gather more information in order to help progress the deal and set a be back appointment.

Revenue Radar

RevenueRadar is data-mining tool used to locate revenue opportunities with current customers. It allows you to find customers before they start to look for another vehicle. You use it to make appointments with these customers.


A ping is created when a customer fits into a specific radar category such as "smart payment". Customers can have multiple pings if they match the criteria that the category is set up to field. 

What is the purpose of RevenueRadar?

RevenueRadar is data-mining tool used to locate revenue   with   customers. It allows you to  customers   they start to   for another .  You use it to make  with these customers.

How can you figure an interest rate for a money factor?

A money factor can be translated into the more common annual percentage rate (APR) interest by   the money factor by  

Match the description with the correct term.

  • BDC
    Business Development Center
  • APR
    Interest Rate
  • Residual Rate
    Price of a vehicle at the end of a lease term.
  • VIN
    Vehicle Identification Number
  • CPO
    Certified Used Vehicle
  • MSRP
    Retail Price

What is the purpose of a Fresh up Follow Up Call?

The purpose of this call is to see how the   went and  more  in order to help  the deal and set a be back .


Redbumper Trade Video


Here you can input trade information, as well as search within our used inventory.

What do you select to start a new trade appraisal?

What do you select to search used vehicle inventory?

Dealer Daily

Dealer Daily Video

Dealer Daily

Dealer Daily is where you will search for our new inventory or to locate inventory. There are multiples ways you can search. 

  1. Stock Number
  2. Model Code
  3. Color
  4. Package Codes
  5. VIN
  6. Status. A-Means Production, F- Means in Transit G- Means on the ground

What are ways you can search in DealerDaily?

  • VIN
  • Model Code
  • Trim
  • Color
  • Make
Select all that apply

What is Dealer Daily used for?

Dealer Daily is used to  for car 

Phone Scripts

Inbound Call Steps/ Script

Inbound Call Steps

  • Always answer the phone. “Brent Brown Toyota Sales this is _________ to whom do I have the pleasure of speaking with?”
  • Always ask where they saw the vehicle they are looking at as you are pulling it up; it also helps to fill in the dead air.
  • Ask for their telephone number in case you lose them to give them a call back.
  • Ask if they are looking at other vehicles that are similar.
  • Let them know it looks like we have many vehicles that fit their needs and ask for the appointment. Set the appointment on a 15 or a 45, that helps them remember the appointment better.
  • Don’t forget to get their last name as well. It will help you in case they show up and the event gets put under a different first name.

Once the call has ended search for them in Dealersocket.

  • Make sure to put the source as Phone Up, and to put the correct tracking in i.e KSL, Auto Trader.
  • If you are assigning it to a salesman change the Primary Assigned to the Salesman. Put yourself as the BDC Assigned.
  • Press Save
  • Assign the right follow up to do’s for you and the salesman.
  • Put the lead in the Salesman Leads List
  • If appointment was made put on spiff sheet.

Chat Script

Chat Script

First Response: Hello my name is __________ whom do I have the pleasure of speaking with?

Second Response: How may I assist you?

Third Response: It looks like on my end it is still available. How about this, let’s schedule you to come out and see what is exactly on the lot. To be completely honest, we move cars so quickly sometimes, that our website isn’t updated as quickly as it should be. What works best for you to take a look, this afternoon, or this evening? 

Fourth Response: Great. Now Mr/Mrs. Customer I have you scheduled. What is the best phone or email so we can send you your confirmation?

Fifth Response: Perfect, I appreciate your time, and we will look forward to seeing you. If you have any questions before hand please let me know. Again my name is ___________ and my number is 801-223-4491

Outbound Phone Calls

First Phone Call Message

New - Hi, this is _________, from ­­­­­Brent Brown Toyota calling you about the vehicle purchase request I received.  I wanted you to know that I rarely get all of the information over the internet about the vehicle, and brief phone conversation will help me so that I can get you the best pricing on the vehicle that you want. In the meantime, I'm sending you an email with some information, Please look in your spam folder to make sure it goes through. If you have any questions before hand please give me a call back at 801-223-4491. 

I'll be calling you later today to follow up.

Thanks again,

Used - Hi, this is ________, from ­­­­­­­­­Brent Brown Toyota calling you about the vehicle purchase request I received for our pre-owned _________.  I wanted to touch base to make sure that that was the exact vehicle you are looking at, as we have other similar vehicles in the same price range.  I will be sending you an email with some information.  Please be sure to check your SPAM filter as my messages may end up there.  Since these cars do sell quickly, I can better serve you with a few minutes on the phone at your earliest convenience.  Please give me a call at 801-223-4491.

I'll be calling you later today to follow up.

Thanks again,

Day 2- Hello this is__________________ I forgot to tell you something in the email yesterday that is very important. Please give me a call back at your earliest convenience 801-223-4491.

Day 3- Hello (customer) I have great news for you, give me a call back at 801-223-4491 I would love to tell you all about it.

Day 4- Hey there (Customer) I hope I am not hassling you. I haven’t been able to get in touch with you and I just wanted to keep you updated on that (vehicle) I would love to hear from you. 801-223-4491.

Day 5- Hi (customer) this is ___________ I was speaking with my sales manager and was able to work some magic for you. Call me at 801-223-4491.

Day 6- No Message

Day 9 - (Customer) ____________here. Just wanted to see if you were able to find a vehicle? I would hate for you to miss out on this great vehicle. I would love to hear from you. 801-223-4491.

Day 10- No Message Left

Day 11- Hey____________. This is _________from Brent Brown Toyota. I just wanted to make sure you have received my emails. A lot of times they get put into spam. If you have no received them please check there. I would love to hear from you.

Day 12- No message left

Day 16- ___________, Call me.

Day 19- No message left

Day 23- No message left

Day 26- Hello this is _________, I just took in a great vehicle I would love to tell you about. Give me a call back at 801-223-4491.

Day 31- no message left

Day 37- Just wanted to touch base with you and see if you found anything yet or not. Let me know.

Day 42- No message left

Day 49- I will be sending you an email with some new inventory in the next couple days, make sure to take a look. I think you will be very pleased.

Day 63- Hello __________, I just wanted to check in and see if you were able to take a look at that email with new inventory, would any of those be of an interest to you?

Day 70- No message left

Day 79- We got new incentives on our vehicles and we are very excited about them. Call me and I can go over those with you.

Day 84- No message left

Day 91- Hello ____________, I have tried to make several attempts to get ahold of you these last few months and was unable too. I do not want to over step so if you ever have any questions or need anything please let me know. I appreciate your time, and for contacting us.

91 Day Process

Inbound Lead Process

In-Bound Lead Process

The first three days of a lead provides the Dealership with the best chance to gain the customer's confidence and obtain their business. Engage the customer through a well-designed follow-up process which leads to conversations. Conversations that are tailored to the customer's needs create confidence and trust between the dealership and the customer. When the customer is confident with the dealership, an appointment is scheduled and kept, and the road to sale process is followed, a deal is made. Dealership obtains business, and the customer leaves pleased and satisfied. 

Regardless of a sale, there needs to be follow-up. The follow-up process is designed to maintain the Customer's excitement and prove the dealership takes their request seriously. Persistence is key.

Statistics show that 50% of customers purchase 60 days after they begin shopping online; making continued follow-up is imperative to a dealerships sales process. The two week follow-up is in place to show that the dealership is available at the customers convenience and to provide tools that help them with their research.

When there is no connection made, there is long-term follow-up. After two weeks from the initial contact, the goal of every email is to compel the customer to reconnect. Emails need to create urgency, scarcity, alternative choices, excitement, and updates on specials or incentives. Establishing and maintaining connection will increase customer retention.  

Day 1


  1. New Lead received through online search

  2. Automatic Response is sent explaining the VIP Sales Process

  3. Analyze the lead sent. (Read works notes, see what customers stated specifically in the lead)

  4. You send the Day 1 email, whether it is a specific vehicle, credit application, trade appraisal, no information, used, certified used, test drive request and answering any questions the customer may have. See examples on next pages. 

  5. Your response is sent within 20 minutes of the time you received the lead. 

  6. Create Walk-around video if vehicle is in stock. 

  7. Make the phone call after the email has been sent. If no answer leave a message, refer to pg. 59

  • Be warm and inviting

  • Confirm the availability of the vehicle 

  • Collect information and set the expectations

  • Sell the appointment

  • Schedule the appointment.

   7.  Send Appointment confirmation email, and confirm with the Customer that you will be sending it to them. It is imperative that the Customer considers this important like a doctor visit, dentist appointment, etc.

Toyota sends secret shop leads every month and scores heavily on how we respond. 

  1. Was an Auto Responder Received
  2. Video is extra credit
  3. Free of Grammatical Errors
  4. Competitive Brands
  5. Did the dealer send Follow Up Emails Pertaining to the inquiry
  6. Was ToyotaCare Mentioned
  7. Did the Dealer Attempt to Schedule an Appointment
  8. Did the Dealer answer the Question
  9. Did the Dealer provide vehicle incentive info
  10. Did the Dealer provide a Price Quote
  11. Response time under 30 minutes
  12. Did the Dealer Leave a voicemail more than once
  13. Did the Dealer Leave a Voicemail under an hour. 

Day 2

Day 2

  1. Send Day 2 Email-Why Brent Brown Toyota (see example below)

  • It is important now that we start setting the stages for the sale. Sell the Dealership, Sell the Make, Sell the Model, and Sell yourself and other departments. 

  1. Make the Day 2 phone calls. First one leave a message, second one no answer. Refer to phone scripts.

  2. Switch the Voicemails up if they do not answer. Don’t say the same thing over and over and sound like the other guy they have contacted as well.

Day 3

Day 3

  1. Send Day 3 email-Why Me (see below)

  2. Make Day 3 Phone Calls.

Day 4

Day 4

  1. Send Day 4 email-Purchasing Made Easy (see below)

  2. Make Day 4 Phone Calls.

Day 5

Day 5

  1. Send Day 5 email-The Toyota Way (see below)

  2. Make Day 5 Phone Calls.

Day 6

Day 6

  1. Leave a Voicemail

Day 7

Day 7

  1. Day 7 email- Comparison Models (see below)

  2. Day 7 Phone calls.

Day 9

Day 9

  1. Day 9 Phone Call

Day 10

Day 10

  1. Day 10 Email- Customer Ratings (see Below)
  2. Day 10 Phone Call

Day 11

Day 11

  1. Day 11- Phone Call

Day 12

Day 12

  1. Day 12- Tried To Reach You Email (See below)
  2. Day 12 Phone Call

Day 14

Day 14

  1. Day 14 Phone Call

Day 16

Day 16

  1. Day 16 Phone Call

Day 17

Day 17

  1. Day 17- BBT Service Email (See Below)
  2. Day 17 Phone Call

Day 21

Day 21

  1. Day 21- Alternative Options Email (See Below)

Day 23

Day 23

  1. Day 23 Phone Call.

Day 26

Day 26

  1. Day 26 Phone Call

Day 28

Day 28

  1. Day 28- BBT Parts email (see below).

Day 31

Day 31

  1. Day 31 Phone Call.

Day 35

Day 35

  1. Day 35 Keeping in touch Email (See below).

Day 37

Day 37

  1. Day 37 Phone Call.

Day 42

Day 42

  1. Day 42 Phone Call.

Day 49

Day 49

  1. Day 49 Phone Call.

Day 56

Day 56

  1. Day 56- New Inventory Arrived (See Below).

Day 63

Day 63

  1. Day 63 Phone Call.

Day 70

Day 70

  1. Day 70 Phone Call.

Day 77

Day 77

  1. Day 77- New Incentives Email (see below) 

Day 79

Day 79

  1. Day 79 Phone Call.

Day 84

Day 84

  1. Day 84- Still Interested Email (see below).
  2. Day 84 Phone Call

Day 91

Day 91

  1. Day 91- No More Contact Email (see below).
  2. Day 91 Phone Call

Toyota Warranty Information


What is the basic Coverage on a New Car?

  • 3 Years/36,000 miles
  • 5 years/60,000 miles
  • 1 year/12,000 miles

How long is ToyotaCare?

  • 1 Year/15,000 miles
  • 2 Years/25,000 miles

What is the powertrain Warranty on a Certified Used Vehicle?

  • 5 Years/60,000 miles
  • 7 years/100,000 miles
  • 3 Years/36,000 miles

Reading Incentives

Monthly Incentives

Tier Credit Scores

  1. Tier 1+ =720 credit score and above
  2. Tier 1= 690-719 credit score
  3. Tier 2= 670-689 credit score
  4. Tier 3= 650-669 credit score

What Credit score do you have to be to have Tier 1+

  • 690-719
  • 720 and above
  • 669-690

Match the Credit Scores to the correct Tier

  • Tier 1+
    720 and above
  • Tier 1
  • Tier 2
  • Tier 3

Brent Brown Taxes and Fess

Taxes & Fees

How much is Safety & Emissions?

  • $47.50
  • 87.50
  • 197.50

How much is the Doc Fee?

  • $399
  • $299
  • $87.50
  • $150

What is the sales tax rate?

  • 8%
  • 4%
  • 7.5%
  • 6.85%

Objection Handling


“I need to think about it.”

“That’s fine. I am not working on commission. My purpose here is to help you make a wise purchase. In addition, you know, I help about 20 people a week make terrific Internet purchasing decisions. People like you who want the no-hassle, no-haggle experience of purchasing a new car over the Internet. May I ask what it is that you feel you need to think over?”

“You’re too far away from where I live.”

“Well, you know that really never comes into play because, first of all, we’ll deliver your vehicle to you at home, or at work, whichever you prefer. You do not even have to come to us. We’ll come to you! And secondly, you can always use your local dealer for warranty, maintenance and routine service.”

“I need to do some more shopping.”

“Shopping is the best way to gain comfort with price and with the specific vehicle that you are likely to purchase. Before you invest time in shopping, let’s document the specific vehicle you are going to shop and some of the ‘tricks of the trade’ that you’re likely to encounter.”

Continue, explaining to the customer the common ploys such as, “How much would you like to pay?” and “If we could do that, would you take it today?” and “What kind of payment would you like?”

You should also mention that you guarantee the lowest price!

“I’m just looking for a price.”

“That’s smart. In addition, it is smart of you to use the Internet to purchase your new vehicle. It saves you so much time. But, before you invest time in shopping, let’s document the specific vehicle you are going to shop and some of the ‘tricks of the trade’ that you’re likely to encounter.”

“I won’t be able to buy until later.”

“I understand, Mr. Smith. In the meantime, check our website weekly until you are in a position to make your purchase. You will find all kinds of great specials on sales and service. When you are in a position to make your purchase, give me a call. As promised, I’ll make your purchase completely hassle-free.”

“I got a better price somewhere else.”

“That’s great. As you know, the Internet exists to give smart consumers like yourself more power in the negotiations. But, before I close out your file, let’s make certain that the car you’re shopping is the same as the one we’ve priced so you can come back to us should there be any difficulties or sudden changes in the other price quote.”

Explain the ease and integrity of your Internet system to distinguish it from others. Make certain that the customer realizes that you are happy for him and that the door is always open for him to return.

If customer answers, “NO,” respond with: “Well, that explains it. You know there is quite a significant difference in price depending on the car’s options. Let’s go over the options you originally specified. Maybe you could do without some of the options to bring the price down.”

If customer answers, “YES, I was quoted on the same car,” respond with: “He did? Well, my guess is he wants you to come into his showroom. Moreover, if I am right, be careful. Make sure the car really does have all the options you want. If you sense any sneaky business, please call me. My no-haggle price still stands.”

“The Customer Asks Your Price”

When faced with this one, remember that NADA says 64 percent of auto shoppers buy vehicles that are different from their initial choice. Additionally, 48 percent of auto shoppers don’t know if they want to buy a new or a used vehicle, so be sure to address these options openly.

“Great point, I’m glad you brought that up. I can see it is important to you, and it ought to be important to you. Let’s face it - cars are expensive today. I can tell you have done your research and ...”

If the inquiry is for used vehicles you can provide a price range and selection of various makes and models, including the one the prospect is asking about. “We have 10 Mustangs in stock and they start at $9,500 and go up to $14,500. I’d like to suggest you come in and look at the equipment and options on these and then I can get you an exact price. We also have two Camaros and a Celica that are in this same price range.”

Try and determine the customer’s budget with something like, “Can you share with me your thoughts about your budget for a vehicle like this one?” And align your response with whatever the customer say. Say: “You know we’re not going to lose your business over a few dollars. The most important thing to do is come down and look at the vehicle to make sure it is the proper vehicle. Now, would this afternoon or this evening be better for you?”

People are conditioned to ask, “Do you have it in stock?” and “what is the price?” If you are using the pace lead process it will get people off the price question and get them looking at the vehicle.

“Trade-ins: “KBB said my car is worth…”

Have you ever had an Internet customer come into the dealership and say, “NADA said my car is worth…” or “Black Book said my car is worth…” or “Kelley Blue Book said my car is worth…”?

The best dealerships in the country are taking these evaluation tools and using them as a selling tool. Why push back at a customer who is using the Web? Why not use the Web to you and your customer’s best advantage from an information standpoint?

You should always evaluate the trade with the customer’s help. You should always walk around the car with the customer and write down everything that is right and wrong with the vehicle. This helps the customer figure out that their car is not in the excellent condition they thought it was.

Walk around the vehicle with the customer. Write down what is right and wrong, then take the customer into the dealership and go to,, or and rate the vehicle. All of these sites have a vehicle rating form that will tell the consumer how good or how bad their vehicle really is.

How many of your consumers come in, having rated their vehicle as excellent? Are all of them right? How many excellent cars have you seen since you’ve been in this business? So, rate the vehicle with the customer and show them the disclaimer.

What disclaimer? On each of these tools, there is a disclaimer that pops up and says this evaluation is based on market conditions for like vehicles in your area, but dealerships also have other expenses to subtract from this figure such as reconditioning, detailing and commissions.

The consumer will take this figure into account to help you come up with a number that is much closer to what you will offer them for the vehicle. It will help you sell more cars.

“What’s my car really worth?” 

“That’s a really good question and off the top of my head I can give you a couple of different answers; however, it’s going to be a guess and I don’t want to guess at something that is so valuable to you. What I would like to have you do, if you would not mind, is just come down, not for the whole day, just for five to 10 minutes. That way I can really put my hand on your car and give you a figure you can take to the bank. Now, would this afternoon or this evening work better for you to come down and have us look at your vehicle? Again, I’m not going to waste your time; it’s only going to take five to 10 minutes.”

Invoice Pricing”

Have you ever had a customer come in and say, “I found the invoice price on the Internet!”? Does it make you happy? Of course not! Ever have that same customer say, “Show me the real invoice because the invoice I found on the Internet is lower than what you’re telling me.”

If you go to, at the top there is a button that reads, “Ten Steps to Buying a Car.”

The advantage of Edmunds over Consumer Reports is that Edmunds does not tell the consumer to lie to you and bring up the trade at the last minute. What Edmunds does tell the customer as part of the “Ten Steps to Buying a Car” is there is a hyperlink on the page that opens a window that advises the viewer there are charges on the invoice that do not show up on the Internet. The charges are for things like dealer advertising and transportation fees. Make sure you use this tool and show the customer.

“If the Customer Asks about Percentage Rate Available”

If the customer asks about percentage rate available, quote a general rate based on a credible mid-range percentage. For example, if the buy-rate is seven percent, an average deal eight percent and a D-tier rate in the low teens, you would present a “trial balloon” rate of nine percent, qualifying it by the fact that no credit criteria has to be collected, and that the bank manager will shop diligently to find a selection of financing sources, once the actual credit application is completed. Typically, a customer will respond to the rate by challenging it with a lower advertised rate, which serves as a great transition into starting the credit application process.

I want to buy from a personal seller

Much too often we will have a customer we are working with who says they are considering a personal seller. That could be for a number of reasons, but what you will hear the most is that they say they have the exact same vehicle with less miles and is less expensive. A great response would be “I completely understand it is great to look at different vehicles. One thing to keep in mind with personal sellers is you don’t get the guarantee of what a dealership is offering. Sure it may be less money but they won’t put it through the shop for you, they won’t give you a Carfax, and most often they aren’t going to disclose if anything is wrong with the vehicle. You will still have to take it somewhere to have the safety and emissions done on it, as well as then go to the DMV to have it registered and pay taxes. By the time it is all said and done you end up being the same price of what it would have been at the dealership, but you have to waste more of your time doing that which you can’t really put an amount on. At the dealership they are getting it registered for you, they are putting it through the shop beforehand, they are able to arrange the financing for you, and often times you get warranties with it. They are much more transparent about the vehicle and what you are paying for. It is really a one stop shop. What works best for you to come in, this afternoon or this evening?”

If the Customer has stated they bought elsewhere

If you have called the customer and they have stated they purchased elsewhere a good response would be “Awesome, I am glad that you were able to find something. In the mean time I would like to inform you of our bird dog program. Every time you refer someone to us and they buy, we will send you a check for $100 which is a great way to get some extra money. I thank you again for your time and for considering us on your vehicle purchase, if you ever need anything, or have any questions please let me know.”