Crafters Companion - Retail Induction Programme

We are delighted you are joining us at Crafters Companion, and are looking forward to our store opening. As part of the Crafters Companion new starter retail induction programme, we have developed an e-learning module to allow you to re-cap all that has been detailed and explained during our new starter induction. 

An Introduction to Crafters Companion

When was Crafters Companion Founded?

  • 2005
  • 2006
  • 2004
  • 2003

What must all staff do when entering or leaving the Store?

  • Get a coffee?
  • Sign In?
  • Call a friend?
  • Grab a bargain?

Where should all your personal belongings be kept?

  • Under the till?
  • On the shop floor?
  • In the Cafe?
  • In your personal lockers?

What must you not disclose to anyone?

  • Till codes?
  • Your Store Managers Name?
  • Your date of birth?
  • The name of your employer?

What should you do before using ladders?

  • Jump on them?
  • Visually Inspect?
  • Swing off them?
  • Ask your colleague to try them out?

What Four things must you consider before lifting a box?

  • Size and Shape
  • Do you look good?
  • Your posture?
  • Is the walkway clear?
  • Is your colleague there to help?
  • The Weight?

What two items should you use if there is a spill on the shop floor?

  • Material from the store?
  • The Cafe Tea Towel?
  • Spill Kit?
  • Wet Floor Sign?

Which items are potential trip hazards on the shop floor?

  • Stock left on the shop floor
  • Customer Belongings?
  • Cables
  • Loose Flooring

Health & Saftey - what three reasons would you fill in a report?

  • Toilet out of Order?
  • Near Miss?
  • Incident?
  • Accident?

What three items were displayed on the Fire Triangle?

  • Sun
  • Oxygen
  • Wind
  • Fuel
  • Heat

What does COSHH stand for?

  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health?
  • Control of Sandra Hiding her Heels?
  • Control of Sparking Horrendous Fires?

What is the first things that makes a good impression to our customers?

  • Your Perfume/Aftershave?
  • Your Smile?
  • Your Body Language?
  • Your new shoes?

What can bad Customer Service lead to?

  • Our Customers not returning to store?
  • Our Customers spending more in store?
  • Our Customers coming back to store for a coffee and a cake?
  • Our Customers making friends with you?

What is Customer Service?

  • A Department?
  • An Attitude?
  • Our Management Team?
  • A product in store?

What is a feature?

  • The price of a product?
  • The packaging of a product?
  • The product and what it enables you to do?
  • The packaging of a product?

What is a benefit?

  • Money you receive from government on a weekly basis?
  • Something that helps to sell the product and the reason the customer buys the product?
  • Your store discount?
  • Having a Cafe you can use on your break?

Which of the following are products we sell in Store?

  • Spectrum Sparkle?
  • Diamond Press?
  • Photo Glue?
  • Ultimate Pro

What Items must you not sell to anyone under the age of 16?

  • Products containing a solvent?
  • A hot cup of coffee?
  • Decorative Board?
  • Aqua Tints?