Intro to the PGS

This is a collection of lessons for IUCN staff to become familiar with the Project Guidelines and Standards, the Project Appraisal and Approval System (PAAS) and the Project Portal.

There are lessons about the PGS, the PAAS, using the Portal, and using various different tools and templates.

Introduction to the PGS, Project Life Cycle and PAAS.

The purpose of the Project Guidelines and Standards.

  • Ensure projects are well planned, implemented, monitored and evaluated
  • Outline the Project Appraisal and Approval Process
  • Ensure projects are compliant with Environmental and Social Safeguards
  • Ensure that all projects in IUCN are planned the same way

What do you think the purpose of the PGS is? 

Do you know the main steps of the project life cycle?

  • Proposal
  • Implement and monitor
  • Evaluate (and learn)
  • Close

Finding what you need in the chapters of the PGS (what we call "modules")

For this question you may need to open the PGS Modules, or at least the PGS page on the Union Portal.

Here is what to look for on that page: 


Now, test yourself on where to find things in the PGS by putting the correct puzzle pieces together:

  • If I wanted to read how to plan for policy influencing I would look in....
    Module 2: Identification and Conceptualization
  • If I wanted to find the instructions for the PAAS and forms I would look in....
    Module 2 or Module 3
  • If you wanted guidance on implementing your project once it is up and running, you would look in....
    Module 4
  • If I need instructions on filling in a log-frame...
    Module 3 - Project Development

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  • Put your answer option here
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Scope of applicability

Scope of applicability:

  • Mandatory for all projects implemented or executed by the Secretariat (fully or partially)
  • Highly recommended for Commissions and Members without own project standards

Mandatory vs optional steps


  • Everything covered in this training


  • Tools for project design: situation/ stakeholder analysis, theory of change, logical framework
  • Tools for project implementation: annual planning and results tracking (linked to logframe)
  • Tools for M&E: supervision missions, evaluation TORs, management responses
  • Conservation toolkit (internal and external resources)

Mandatory steps

  • PAAS forms
  • Log frame template
  • Budget Review Tool
  • Annual work plan template (tool)

Using PAAS Forms

Let's take a look at the PAAS form

The first page of the PAAS form has basic instructions for using the form:

Approval of the project proposal, by the Approving Authority, is done on Part 3 of the PAAS form: