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Workato Fundamentals



Welcome to Workato’s Admin Certification Program. We’re really glad to see you here and we hope that you can become workato certified in no time at all!

This is the first module in the certification series and we will go through the fundamentals of using and navigating the site.

You can sign up for a free Workato account here.

Once signed up, you can log in through this page. Alternatively, you can sign in via a Salesforce, QuickBooks or Slack account using these buttons on the right. If you log in through the alternative method, you must always log in with that account.

The logged in home screen brings you to a dashboard. This is your recipe page. At the top, you have buttons to access your recipes - the same page - ,  browse apps, and support

The browse apps page takes you to a simple page with a search bar, a create recipe button, and lots of apps. I’ll come to that later, in another module.

The support page takes you to the support portal. You can request for help or browse the huge library of resources that are constantly being updated. More detailed explanation will be also available later.

Let’s go back to the home screen. I’ll explain some of the elements on this page, so follow my cursor clicks.

At the top right, you’ll notice an account summary. This shows the number of transactions you have left for the month. The free account upon signup provides 100 transactions a month. It will also tell you when the limit will reset during the next monthly cycle.

On the top, there are two tabs, the Active and Inactive tabs. These tabs switch between running and non-running recipes so that you know which recipes are running in the background, even when you close the website. Clicking on each recipe’s title will take you to the recipe page with more details about the integration.

Let’s head to a recipe page. At the top is the recipe’s ID number. Each recipe is given a unique recipe id; it will not be replaced even when deleted. The app icons show you how many apps are involved in the recipe. Scroll down slightly and you will be able to expand the recipe’s description. This tells you what the recipe does and what kind of data it will process.

The ‘create recipe’ button creates a new blank recipe, but I won’t be covering that for now.

If you’d like to upgrade a plan, you can do so from the account summary or from the top right of the screen. This will take you to the pricing page where you are able to compare the plans and see which is the right fit for your business.

Staying on the top right, clicking on your profile presents a dropdown menu. This menu has a link to the settings page, the connections page, and allows you to log out.

On the bottom right of the page, there is a chat bubble icon. Clicking on this takes you to live chat with a support representative. They are normally active between 9am-5pm Pacific Time on weekdays.

In our next session, I will be covering how to find and access a list of supported apps and their corresponding triggers and actions.



How many transactions does the trial account provide you with?

  • 50
  • 100
  • 150
  • 200

Read the following statements.

  • If you sign in to Workato using your Slack credentials the first time, you are able to sign in using your email address and password the second time.
  • Workato provides 9am - 5pm (Pacific Time) support from Mondays to Fridays.