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eLearning Content Creation with EasyGenerator tool

Trainer: Rrezarta Xhaferi (MSc)

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E-Learning basics

Rough concept

Content development + examples + page design

Creating questions


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Definition of a learning objectives

  • A learning objective is a statement of what students will be able to do when they have completed instruction.
  • A learning objective has three major components:
    1. A description of what the student will be able to do
    2. The conditions under which the student will perform the task.
    3. The criteria for evaluating student performance.

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When to use Self-Authoring tools?

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Profile of skills for Self-Authoring

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Process of content creation

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Keep the target in focus

  • Questions to consider
    • What subject should be produced?
    • Who is the target group?
  • Always focus on the main target!
    Don´t loose the track

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Rough concept

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How to address learners

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Learning is not only a cognitive process but embedded emotionally“ (Siebert, 2001, S.302)

  • Show the relevance of the subject
    • Sensitization by consciousness building questions
    • Address learners personally
    • Tone from the top
  • Entertain the learners
    • Real life example / tell a story in the beginning (e.g. Smart Show, Video, FTS)
    • Use the principles of multimedia learning

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Entertaining stories

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Inform + Involve


+ personal experience

= long term learning

  • Theory + realistic stories, real life examples, similarities
  • Quizzes / Tasks to do
  • Interactive tasks to state one´s point of view

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Target: change way of working and attitude

  • Not a classical test situation
  • Short scenarios enriched with practical connections
  • Evaluation / decision making by the learner

„Say it, and I will forget it.

Show it, and perhaps I will remember it.

Let me do, and I will know.“

(Johann W. v. Goethe)

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These aspects are helping for motivation

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Concept of an interactive task

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Conception of a quiz