SG - Ethics and Code of Conduct

This e-learning ethics and code of conduct course has been developed to promote ethical business conduct and inclusive culture. The goal is to promote ethical integrity and mindful behavior among associates - new and seasoned likewise.



  • Do not be afraid to speak out on ethics violation.
  • If you have a reason to believe that a violation of the Code of ethics and conduct has occurred or is likely to occur, you must report the violation.
  • Your Manager, Department or Function head, an HR (at a higher level) can be contacted to report any violation.
  • All reports will be treated confidentially and your identity will be safeguarded to the maximum extent consistent with the fair and rigorous enforcement of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct.
  • The Management, in no event, will take adverse action against an associate because he/she has reported a suspected impropriety.

Conflict of Interest

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Ram, an associate of SenecaGlobal, is considering taking up freelancing in his area of expertise. He has been receiving calls with various assignments. 

What to do?

Ram wants to take up the freelancing assignments because it would mean earning some good amount. 

However, he is also worried that he will be cutting short on the time that he spends in office. The work might also belong to SenecaGlobal's competitors. 

What do you think Ram should do?

  • Ram shouldn't take up the freelancing because it will be a conflict of interest.
  • Ram should take up the work. He can use the extra money that will make.

Revealing Associate Information

Scenario 4

Margaret has been associated with SenecaGlobal for close to 5 years. She has worked on 4 different projects and has a good rapport with all her colleagues. She has a good idea about their technical expertise and experience. One day she receives a call from a stranger who identifies himself as a recruitment consultant. He describes an opening to her and asks her for contact details of people who she knows to have the required experience.  

What to do?

Margaret is confused. 

On the one hand, she knows many people who have the required skill set, but on the other hand, she is not sure if she should be sharing information about her colleagues. 

What do you think Margaret should do?

  • She should share the information. She is an associate of SenecaGlobal and is hence, authorized to share associate data.
  • She should share the information about her ex-colleagues. Since they are no longer associates with SenecaGlobal, she is authorized to do whatever she wants with their information
  • She should not share the information. Any request for information pertaining to current or former associates should be directed to the Human Resources Department.

Sharing Proprietary Information and Reporting Standards of Conduct Violations

Scenario 3

Mary and Rani work as customer service representatives at SenecaGlobal. They have been working together for quite some time now. Off late Mary has been observing that Rani is on call with somebody named David, and she often discusses SenacaGlobal operating procedures. Rani claims that David is her friend and that she does not speak anything related to work with him. 

What to do?

Mary suspects that David might be working for a competitor of SenecaGlobal and that he might be wrongly using the information that  Rani is sharing with him. Mary wants to inform the Leadership team about David immediately.

However, Mary is also scared of mistakenly accusing Rani of wrongdoing. She fears that Rani and her other colleagues might see her as disloyal and untrustworthy.

What do you think Mary should do?

  • Mary should notify her Reporting Manager because if her suspicion turns out to be true, SenecaGlobal's and its Customer's proprietary information might be at risk.
  • Mary should value her friendship with Rani and try to befriend David to probe into the matter further. After all, we value relations here at SenacaGlobal.

Should Mary worry about her suspicion being false?

  • Yes! If Rani is innocent, Mary will be tagged as untrustworthy forever.
  • No! Whether or not the suspicion is true, SenecaGlobal's Management will do everything to safeguard Mary's identity.

Falsified records

Scenario 2

Sasi is an associate of SenecaGlobal who has received his niece's profile for a particular job opening. He observes that although his niece is a fresher, she has listed an year's work experience. 

What to do?

Sasi is worried that forwarding a resume with false data isn't ethical. 

But again, it's just a false experience of one year. What big difference can it make? 

What do you think Sasi should do?

  • Sasi should ignore the error. It could be a typo. Also, he can overlook something like this for his niece. She's family after all!
  • Sasi should contact his niece and ask her to review her resume. Once the changes are made, he can forward the profile to HR freely.

Unauthorized copying and sharing of Licensed software

Scenario 1

Scenario 1

Hari, Jai, and Franck work together on a major project. They use a software that is licensed by its developer. One of their client's associates, Samantha, asks them for a free copy of the software.

What to do?

Jai and Franck don't mind giving Samantha the free copy because she has promised them to the next IPL finale. 

However, Hari thinks otherwise. He believes that licensed software should not be copied or shared. 

Hari wants to stop Jai and Franck by reporting all this to their Manager. But he is afraid he might lose their friendship. What should Hari do? 

What do you think Hari should do?

  • Share the software with Samantha. After all, she is from the client's team and keeping the client happy is very important.
  • Share the software with Samantha but refuse the finale tickets because offering or accepting bribes is illegal.
  • Stop Hari and Franck from sharing the software and bring this request from Samantha to their Manager's notice. Unauthorized copying and sharing of licensed software is unethical. Offering or accepting bribes is illegal.