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Select the correct order of the 7-steps Sales Call process at ATFL.

  • Thanking the retailer - Order taking - Merchandising and Visibility - Pre call planning - Problem Solving
  • Merchandising and Visibility - Order taking - Pre call planning - Greeting the retailer - Problem Solving - Physical stock check
  • Pre call planning - Greeting the retailer - Problem Solving - Physical stock check - Merchandising and Visibility - Order taking - Thanking the retailer
  • Pre call planning - Greeting the retailer - Problem Solving - Physical stock check - Order taking - Thanking the retailer

Select any 3 types of merchandising material that you can use inside an outlet from the list below.

  • Overhead banner
  • Background poster
  • Star cards
  • Danglers

In a very small store, the retailer argues that there is no place to display our products. What will you do?

  • Retailer knows best so agree with him and try another time
  • If product visibility is not possible, you do a lot of merchandising
  • Plead the retailer to put some posters even if he takes them off later.

Pre-call planning needs to be done at which of the following stages. Select all that apply:

  • Every morning before you go to the market
  • At the start of every month
  • Before entering each outlet

What are the key benefits of Stock Check? Select all that apply:

  • Stock check uncovers damages & leakages
  • By moving near-expiry stocks to the front, we minimize expiries
  • A consumer will pick only clean, dusted, fresh stock
  • You can prepare part of your next order during stock check

In an outlet, you can benchmark all Ready-to-Cook Foods like Maggi, Knorr Soups, Oats, etc. to which of our following product?

  • Sundrop PNutz
  • Sundrop Oils

Being prepared with a variety of resources and information about the company, helps in Objection Handling. True or False?

  • True
  • False

Your retailer is worried about keeping the new SKU you have shown him just now. What will you do?

  • Request and plead him to keep it so that you can meet your target
  • Explain to him that it is doing well in other stores and you will ensure off-takes

As per the ATFL D&L policy, we accept all expired stock as well as rat bites. True or False?

  • True. All problem stock is replaced from the outlet.
  • False. Only expiries are taken back. Rat bites are caused because of the retailer's mistake and therefore are not taken back.

Why is the Greeting and Rapport building step important?

  • It is important for your general knowledge
  • It increases your social circle of friends
  • It helps break the ice with the retailer and adds a personal touch to the process, thereby helping your sales
  • It is not important at all

In one of your beats, you step inside an outlet and the retailer immediately tells you that your distributor has not been passing schemes to him. He is very upset. What will you do?

  • Say Namaste to the retailer and ask about his family
  • Ignore and walk into the outlet to check the stock
  • Shout at the retailer and tell him that this is no way to behave with someone who has just stepped into his shop
  • Listen completely and patiently to the retailer, then assure him that he will speak about this to the distributor today and call him back by the end of day

While sampling Sundrop Heart, what is the unique value proposition that you will display at the sampling table?

  • Strong Banne ka tasty tareeka
  • Scientifically Proven to help reduce cholesterol in 30 days
  • Hot and fresh in 3 minutes
  • Good for your Heart

You placed 5 jars of SD SLA in an outlet last week. This week, you see that there are 2 jars left with an expiry of 6 months left. Will you:

  • Take an order for 5 more jars of SD SLA
  • Wait for these 2 jars to be sold before you place more
  • Take an order for 3 more jars of SD SLA and place the older 2 jars in front of the fresh stock
  • Ask the retailer how much you should give him

What is a Distributor?

  • A businessman who manufactures and sells goods
  • A businessman who only manufactures goods
  • A businessman who buys goods from someone and distributes it into retail outlets
  • A businessman involved in services

The warehouse or godown space that the distributor uses for the business should be definitely owned by him, and cannot be rented. True or False?

  • True
  • False

There are two modes of operation for a distribution – Ready stock unit and ……….?

  • Open unit
  • Outstanding method
  • Ordering unit
  • Order booking

Complete the given formula of calculating ROI (Return on Investment): ROI = (………………….. / Investment) * 100

  • Gross profit
  • Total turnover
  • Net profit
  • Gross margin

What is Merchandising?

  • The activity of delivering goods to outlets
  • The process of taking the orders in the outlet
  • The process of invoicing stock
  • The activity of promoting the sale of goods at retail

Which of the following is NOT a benchmark of Sundrop Peanut Butter?

  • Butter
  • Nutella
  • Juice
  • Jam

In the 7-step sales call process, what is problem solving?

  • Pre-emptive resolution of a retailer’s problem
  • Solving problems that you have with the retailer
  • Asking the retailer if he has any problems
  • Ignoring the retailer’s problems

What is range selling?

  • Selling without a price range
  • Selling more of the same product to the same consumers
  • Selling within a defined market
  • The approach of selling larger variety of products and services to a consumer

Which number helps us monitor our Range selling performance?

  • TLS
  • DBC
  • TBV
  • EFF