Strategic Sales Questioning Practice

Insert yourself into each situation and choose the best question to start each conversation. You may complete these modules on your own time within the first 4 weeks after receiving your job aid. Use the job aid as needed when encountering new sales conversations.

Remember to watch the Hint Videos underneath each question before submitting your final answer. 

Online Resource Strategic Questioning- Meet Ruth

Meet Ruth

  • 1. Have you tried using printed texts in a classroom library for students to read?
  • 2. Let's talk about your daily routine. When and how do you see online texts being used in your classroom?
  • 3. What reading level range would your students need?
  • 4. What genre of text are your students interested in?
Ruth is the Literacy Curriculum Coordinator at Norfolk Elementary School. She calls inquiring about any online literacy resources you may have for students. She explains that her students are in need of engaging texts online that get them excited about reading. Which question would be the most appropriate to start the conversation? 

Common Core Alignment Resource Strategic Questioning-Meet Tony

Meet Tony

  • 1. Can you tell me about the new Literacy Common Core Standards?
  • 2. What would your teachers be using the literacy materials for in their classrooms?
  • 3. Can you walk me through what a typical literacy block might look like for a teacher in your school? Do your teachers conduct mini-lessons, use the Daily Five, jump into guided reading?
  • 4. Has your school considered anything other than the common core standards?
Tony is an administrator who is looking for literacy resources that align with common core standards. Tony explains to you that his school just adopted common core standards; therefore, teachers do not have a stockpile of resources from the past that align with the new concepts that are to be taught. Tony comes to you asking how you can help provide literacy resources to support these teachers and the new change in standards. What should your first question to Tony be to get the conversation moving in the right direction? 

Independent Reading/Class Library Resource Strategic Questioning- Meet Susan

Meet Susan

  • 1. What would your ideal selection of independent reading texts look like?
  • 2. What is your budget for this project?
  • 3. What reading level ranges will you need?
  • 4. What genre of texts are you looking for?
Susan is a Literacy Specialist for Wellington County Public Schools. She is being told by several teachers that classrooms are lacking enough independent reading texts for their students. Teachers are demanding more independent reading texts for their classrooms. Susan comes to you looking for texts that can be used for independent reading and that align with classroom needs. What question will you first ask Susan to start the conversation? 

Guided Reading Resource Strategic Questioning- Meet Brian

Meet Brian

  • 1. Can you explain what specific challenges you are having when using guided reading resources with your students?
  • 2. How are your guided reading resources stored in your school?
  • How long have you been using the guided reading structure with your students?
  • How long do your guided reading sessions typically last?
Brian is a fifth-grade teacher and head of the literacy department who is looking for new guided reading texts for students. He tells you that students are on a variety of different reading levels and have a variety of interests. Brian expresses that he struggles to find resources that his students enjoy. What question should you start with when starting the conversation with Brian?